Papyrus Arcana

Three golems fly into an iron bar

The group finds their way to the guard room, after discovering a secret passage to another elevator. The group fights three golems, each of which try to body slam oskar into the spikes below. After all the golems are dispatched, the group gets a stone key that opens a door allowing the elevator up into the next room. Before that, the group searches the chamber and julien finds that one of the spikes is in fact an iron rod that can be used to control the golems. The group then takes the elevator up into a room with the mago forge and… a golden golem…

Searching for the Magoforge

The group goes on the elevator (up for ore, down for rare minerals), and decides to go up. Up they find a magical forge. They also fight a golem in the forge room and kill it. The floor with the forge has stairs up and down. Up leads to quarters, where they find a note saying “secret garden”, down leads to storage of ore, glass, etc. for use in the forge. The group also alerts the presence of another golem and kill that one too. The group tries to figure out how to get to the magoforge, and goes to the main elevator, saying “secret garden” which leads them to three living quarters of some high level magi. They find books of iron and stone golem, and a map of the place. The map has a guard room labeled, which they go to, which brings them to a room with three golem, which they quickly leave.

Enter the Magoforge

Having enclosed the small creature with rainbow hair the group learns that his name is Nonoyes, a famous explorer from Bwogleamaia/Glowbania/Loglania. He agrees to take the party to the magoforge after three offers of gems, which he eats.

The group apporoaches a large black tower, 200ft circumference, as high as a 10 story building, surrounded by a 100 ft deep 100 ft wide moat. The group flies to an upper platform, and is quickly attacked by the two iron golems there that remained unconvinced by zabbos bluff. After Julien turns Oskar into a giant ape, oskar can lift the large iron door behind a platnum door, and the group enters the castle.

The group explores a bit, avoiding the iron golem whose footsteps they hear. They find nothing of much note on the entrance level (social rooms) and lower level (servant quarters), but then find an elevator that says “up for ore, down for rare minerals”.

Festival of Roa and beyond


Oskar finds elf in room, he was the assassin and wanted his vorpal blade back. Oskar gave the blade back for a deal. He says that he will give us one free kill, and also not attack us again (?), and also told us who hired him. It was SEER DARUS, who we asked about the book and Hans Redder when we visited Kerpolis.


The group held a new year’s party. Julien did a very good job of inviting people, so too many showed up and there was some trouble. Zabbo caught guartwo with guarone’s wife (guartwo also recently was promoted over guarone).

Around midnight, Elan heard a shrieking noise, an FTC was detected with locate creature. The FTC spoke to the group (it can understand Elven, the language of the slaves). It says:
- it is an outcast, whose master Arkalkulougelarka and he were exiled because they watned to form a truce with the four tentacled creatures (fTCs) of the flaming east.
- we are the worlds only hope for peace between the Qm (Que-em – the FTCs race) and fTCs (lower-case f for four not five tentacled creatures)
- Qm want to rid the world fo fTCs, and are led by krocklark krolkarg, the god under the mount, which is the crystal golum, that is in a slumber but can talk to them like sauron.
- the friendly FTCs name is Nolac whinst kolan (Nolac for short) and he has one tentacle gone because of his exile.
- says barkskin wants to destroy the FTC homeworld completely
- asks us to stop the god from awakening. says Arkalarkas (the FTC leader) knows of our activities
- Qm plan to attack remaining crystal stashes, they at least know of the dwarf bank (next target), birthplace of the CG, barkskin stash, and city in the sky

1/1/290 – new year!

After this we warn the dwarves of the attack, by oskar trying to send a message and Elan sending bad dreams to the dwarven guards.

We then have Grygynx send us tot he MAGOFORGE.

MAGOFORGE is a twilight place with purple mist, only 300 ft sight. Everything is metallic, and we think breathing purple mist will turn you that way. There is a stream of oil that has streaks of color in it, which Elan samples in a vial. The mist is magic (transmutation) and the color stream is magic (conjuration).

Oskar notices movement, a 3 foot tall troll like creature with colored hair and who says “can’
t catch me and runs away”. Zabbo traps him in a wall of force before he can get fully away.

Interrogation to follow….

Zlobin and tortuzod

Group kills tortuzod after almost TPK.

Obtains tortuzod EB (worth 10, elans amulet is worth 3, takes 48 to make EB weapon).

Oskar feigned death, killed tortuzod, has stomach wound

Lilith gets away.

Elan saves tortuzod magic blood

Julian more senile than zabbo

Bone demon flies away

Elan and julien search for baby noise

The Cemetery Exchange - Part 1
The Battle Begins

Having communed with Elan’s god, Aperisi, about the upcoming hostage/magical item exchange, the party is aware of a few things:

  • Markus is involved
  • The captors do intend to let the hostages go
  • The hostages aren’t on site
  • ???

The party decides to go to the cemetery and make the exchange, whether the hostages are there or not. Without bargaining power, the group must pray that the hostages will actually be released safely. Elan and Julien are adamant about ensuring their loved ones go unharmed. The party discusses the possibility of somehow tracking the captors or items to track them down later.

The party arrives to the cemetery to make the hostage exchange. In preparation, Zabbo casts Rary’s Telepathic bond on the party as a ritual, and also casts Invisibility and True Seeing on himself. Sumira also casts Invisibility on herself, and Elan casts Nondetection on both of them. Zabbo and Sumira will remain hidden and play key roles. Zabbo will be the magical eyes of the party and stick close to Julien, Oskar, and Elan who will be visible and make the exchange. Sumira will be scouting further out from the party, keeping an eye out for anything of interest. Hopefully, she will be able to track the captors after the exchange if needed. Julien and Elan each take one of the requested items, Julien the Scroll of TC, and Elan the Amulet of Nondetection.

The party arrives to the location of the exchange a half-hour early, and after some initial investigation, nothing seems out of sorts. Some noises do come from nearby trees, but reveal nothing out of the ordinary. Zabbo notices nothing magically hidden with his True Sight.

Around the agreed time of the exchange, Sumira hears talking and moving nearby in the woods. When she sneaks toward the sound, she finds Markus and Antinko with cat masks and an unusual large wooden board tilted up against bushes.

Antinko alone meets the party while Markus stays behind. Antinko says they will return one hostage when the group shows him the items, and another once he receives the items. Elan and Julien show him the objects. Elan reads Antinko’s surface thoughts and discovers Antinko is worried – He hopes the party follows his directions because they could easily defeat him. This leads the party to think that Antinko and Markus are likely alone, and this may provide an opportunity to beat them. Elan is able to cast Suggestion on Antinko after reading his thoughts and tells him to “Return both hostages immediately. You are sure that the Items are legitimate.”

Antinko goes back to meet Markus and insists that they should give both hostages back at once. An annoyed Markus slaps him for his stupidity and his insistence. Markus casts a spell to open a portal (Demiplane?) on the out-of-place wooden surface and orders Antinko to retrieve one of the hostages. Antinko returns to the party with Dahlia, who Julien grabs and hugs. He gives her Greggin to calm her.

(It’s important to realize that during this entire time, Sumira is still with Markus and has overheard everything they have been saying. The group has had constant telepathic communication on what to do. At some point it is decided that Zabbo will go backup Sumira at the portal now that the party knows where they are. Once the last hostage is safe, Sumira will ambush Markus with Zabbo’s help before they can flee. Zabbo is able to make his way over there while Antinko is making the 500ft trek back and forth. Worried about the open portal, Julien asks Dahlia if there was anything else on the other side of the portal with her. She tells him the portal leads to an old house and that there was a little black cat through the portal too. Could this be the Shadow Cat in disguise!? The group makes it a priority to block the portal too.)

The party has faith that the hostages are being safely released, and gives the items to Antinko. He walks back to Markus and gives the items to him. Markus instructs Antinko to head through the still-open portal and fetch Elan’s Mom. However, Markus tells Antinko to hurry out of the meeting place after delivering her. He says that JZAKARR (sp? some crazy demon name) has ordered them to attack the group after making the delivery. Antinko hurries and brings Elan’s Mom out of the portal. He starts heading back to the meeting place. Markus starts following him roughly 30 feet behind. Sumira tells the party to prepare for action. She tells Zabbo to wait for her signal.

All of a sudden, Markus begins casting a spell. Sumira, worried about his spell and missing an opportunity for surprise, jumps into action and stabs him from behind……


(400-500 ft from the rest of the party, near the Portal where Markus and Antinko are)

Surprise Round – Not based on Initiative Roll

Sumira – Stabs Markus from behind with the +2 Magic Tortazad Dagger – 35 DAMAGE. Other properties from the Dagger are still unknown.

Zabbo – Zabbo casts Wall of Force on the portal entrance to potentially keep the Shadow Cat from emerging and preventing Markus or Antinko from retreating through it.

Markus – Surprised at the attack from Sumira, finishes casting Invisibility on himself.

Round 1 (Initiative order may vary slightly)

Sumira – Attempts to grapple an invisible Markus but fails.

Markus- Begins casting a spell on Sumi…..COUNTERSPELLED by Zabbo. Markus then moves away from Sumira.

Zabbo – Casts Dispel Magic on Markus and it succeeds. He is now visible.

Antinko – Casts a ranged purple bolt-like spell attack at Sumira. It misses over her shoulder. Elan’s mom is either still being carried by him or is now at his feet.

“Markus scolds Antinko and barks orders at him to kill the woman hostage.”

(At the exchange point in the Cemetery – 400-500ft away)

Oskar, Julien (carrying Dahlia), and Elan hear through Telepathic Bond that the fight has begun! They begin to run towards the action…….WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN….

The Shadow Cat – Casts Reverse Gravity in a 50ft Radius encompassing the four of them. They soar to 100 ft high and remain there,” oscillating slightly”.

Oskar – Unable to move, he draws his sword and points it down while beginning a prayer of the Keepers.

Julien – Able to touch Dhalia and Elan, Julien casts Fly on the three of them. He flies to Oskar and grabs him. They fly toward the Shadow cat and out of the circle. He tells Dhalia to flee and hide. Oskar and Julien remain 100ft up.

Dhalia – Flees from the circle of reverse gravity, but is not yet on the ground.

Elan – Flies closer to the Shadow Cat and out of the circle. He casts Geas on the Shadow Cat, but it Saves. Elan is still 100ft up.


The Party travels to Gokuldor. The issue is that the protectorate has asked the dwarves to turn over all the EBs, and the dwarf king has asked all the nobel families to do so. However, the protectorate ambassador met with the Wellstone Trust, convincing them to keep hold on the EBs and not give them to the king. The group is officially tasked with resuming the flow of EBs to the protectorate, and unofficially tasked with keeping the flow of EBs stopped.

The group teleportation circles to a town on the outskirts. The party passes through a small town, finding someone with some EBs. Also there is a cave with a weird inscription seemingly in the FTC language. The group also senses the presence of some FTCs down a corridor or on a side of the mountain, but does not investigate.

Long story short, the group hints that the EBs are worth a lot as a weapon, so the king decides to let the wellstone trust keep a hold of them. The group is then kicked out of the city. The group steals 4 EBs on the way out.

The group found evidence that Barkskin was working to stop the EB flow, potentially with the still imprisoned ambasaddor Weldimer Wormwood. Two wing sculptures were found in Wormwood’s residence.

Oakerrock also claims to be the rightful heir to the throne, and wants to rebel, also possibly working with Wormwood.

The dwarf city has a large pit and some other strange thing.

En route to Gokuldor went through Golfordor, also found barkskin people, but Terragon got away.

The Trial

- Demon woman found [illegible]
- Sumira researched Mask people. Found it was a ult uprooted from Augustin (east, where Marcus is from). There is historical evidence of black cat cult
- the group went to Danaus and talked to their Leaf crazed lawyer.
- Sumira seduced Marcus.

12/2 (game time) – the day of the interrogation

The investigator Petric explained the proceedings. Sumira was interrogated first. The lawyer, Eldun Broskowski, was surprised how Petric did not care about interference in the investigation. Nex was Julien, who submitted to the magic truth telling chair. The court scribe only wrote ‘submitted’ and ‘obstruction’ under his interrogation notes, so it is assumed that he also avoided obstruction charges. Zabbo was next, said the investigation of him and oskar wasn’t need, and someone got off avoiding Tortuzod questions. Oskar was next, the court scribe only wrote ‘letter to sumira’ next to his investigation.

Nex came Elan. Who wanted to tell the truth, all of it, under spellbound magical Seer treatment. He took psychic damage, told about the graveyard incident, and had a vision of sunrise/set with a drago. A dragon with 6 facial horns, not sure what drago, sense that dragon represents evil, insight is it related to [illegible].

Overall the party though Petric let them off easy on the corruption charges, and seemed interested in things the party said against Marcus.

The group then went back home. Digested the 6 horned dragon vision from apheresie – perhaps in a [illegible].

Note that is was on 12/1 or 11/30 that the sapphire gem was retrieved from the high citadel (with the magic to get the crystal golem book).

Some of the group went to Julien’s house. Zabbo talked with Dessius. EB are only good conduit for meta magic, and EB weapons can damage EB. ~10EB to make a EB weapon (group has about 3-4 EBs – plus the ones that everyone is hiding).

Oscar receives message that his account is unfrozen – perhaps the dwarf kingdom is all against the protectorate now

Eldan → Marcus/Antiquo charges against

Zabbo spends time with worm, gets toys and rabbits.

Sumira summon Tortuzon, gets her knife and has to disfigure someone.

Group was summoned by Keff, there is a problem with EB in the dwarven kingdom related to Oskar’s family
Oskar spoke with the ambassador and has 24 hours to reconsider what he spoke to the ambassador about.

Sumira steals the earth blossom amulet

After kicking Dolan through the teleportation circle, the group tries to decide how to get the amulet. Sumira goes on the roof of the head giant’s hut, and smokes them out with poison. She then sees the head giant chieftan, and with a level 2 spell makes a successful suggestion for him to hand the amulet over. The group flies away and does word of recall back to the protectorate while a wall of force prevents the farieis from attacking.

Elan Wakes from a Dream
Not Dead Yet


Elan wakes from a realistic dream about the days events to come.

He confides in Zabbo and tries to convince him that he has seen a vision of the future. He predicts the actions of the party to convince him his vision is real.

Elan decides to tell the party of his dream and Zabbo uses an Arcane Eye to verify the invisible cave wall where the other FTC’s are hiding.

The group decides to bypass the FTC cave because of Elan’s warning. Instead they Fly to Dolan’s cell.


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