Papyrus Arcana

February 8th

Game Calendar: 3-26 to 3-27

The five winged-yeti-like creatures fly into the room and form a bit of a semicircle. A sixth one comes out and sits on a dais. It shouts in an unknown language. Julien uses the stone given bo Golar to cast a Tongues spell, and communicate. The yeti leader says he is Kler Kler, 17th son of Blur Klers, Lord of Cold Fort. They are very hostile and battle quicly ensues.

Julien starts by casting a fireball into the center of the yeti.


The first five yeti fall fairly quickly, thanks to Julien’s fireball. Ophelia (the strongest party member in single combat) charged forwards to confront Kler Kler, her longsword held high and gleaming with the light of the Keepers. The yetis seemed to have multiple attacks – one from their eyes, as well as their vicious claws. Kler Kler made use of his attacks, first to stun Ophelia with his hateful gaze, then tearing into her with his claws. Already suffering from battle wounds, Ophelia was knocked backwards, hitting the ground heavily. The rest of the party had virtually no time to react before the life left her body, partially due to persistent cold damage from Kler Kler’s attack. Upon her death, her steed, Crystal Acorn, let out an unearthly cry, then disintegrated into a shimmering mist.

Sleep and then fight two more.

Find some scrolls and stuff.


tetrisd muawr

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