Papyrus Arcana

January 23

Necrorolipolipoli, take 2

Having escaped through the teleportation circle, the party recovers and regroups. They search the library for information that can help them and begin planning a return trip to the dead city.

Part of the preparation is asking more questions to the deity with the commune spell:
[insert questions here]

The party re-enters the teleportation circle, trying to reach Ariopoli earlier in the day this time. However, what they find is exactly what they weren’t expecting. Again. Now the acropolis is in ruins, as if it is the present day. There are no zombie guards or signs of any life and everything is in ruins. There is a sulfur smell permeating the world that may or may not be caused by a green or black dragon. There are some decayed corpses and their riches have already been stripped (as if some treasure hoarding dragon came along and stole it).

The group finds a secret door in one of the dormitories where two unpicked bodies were hiding. One still has his magic ring. The group takes the ring, Sumira attunes with it and successfully uses it to open the door to the library. The group travels into the library and down some stairs. Faced with a crossroads in a corridor below the library, they travel on the straight path, on their way towards more dungeons and dragons…


tetrisd Millski

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