Papyrus Arcana

March 7

The party returns to Danaus

After dispatching the redscale attackers, the group rides to the redscale caves, with two of the redscales fast steeds. Inside the cave, the party meets Jovan, who appears to be a treasure hunter from Danaus. He seems a bit shady, and wary of being in the presence of the protectorate, and says he would reward us for returning him unharmed to Danaus.

The party discovers a chest, which Dolan stupidly opens without much examination. A flame burst erupts and damages the party, knocking two people out. The group finds some of his belongings, and a gold knife belonging to Jovan. Some gems and stones are found, presumably belonging to Golar, and some ashes, presumably Golar’s bag, and whatever else flammable might have been in the chest.

The party travels to meet with Golar, returning his belongings to him. The group convinces Golar to return to Danaus with them, and travels to the portal. Along the way to the portal, the group encounters more of the Bouldars, and converses with them through Golar. The group tells the Bouldars that the Flying Tentacled Creatures are coming and the Bouldars should flee west, to the mountains north of the dwarven kingdom. The group teaches the Bouldars to make the dwarven rune for peace.

The party reaches the portal on 4-16, and finds a note from Alexi with a scroll of sending, that only Golar can cast. The group is transported back to Danaus, but not before Alexi orders the death of Golar’s mount, Thizebald, but to everyone’s dismay. Upon returning to Danaus, Golar and Jovan are taken away for questioning, and Kerrick is allowed to remain with the group for the time being.

Oh, btw, Sumira was a cactus the whole time.


tetrisd citronade

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