Mage-Warden Alexi of House Tetra


Mage-Warden Alexi is the warden of the Denaus ward for the Protectorate. Alexi is elderly — in his 70’s — and appears clean-shaven, bald on the top of his head with shoulder-length white hair hanging from the sides and back of his head. He has brown eyes, medium height, and a frail but poised stature. He usually wears a fine red robe, fine rings and other jewelry, and other fashionable items. He carries a smoothly polished whitewood staff with no discernible markings.

Alexi has a reputation for his social brilliance, advanced magical divination ability, arrogance, and superficiality.


House Tetra is a minor aristocratic family from Denaus with a history of producing wizards.

Originally, Alexi was a seer for the Protectorate and rose to the position of High Seer for Denaus before he was appointed by the Grand Council as mage-warden of the Denaus ward approximately twenty years ago.

Mage-Warden Alexi of House Tetra

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