Dockmaster Thessalos

you might lose your head if you cross him uncarefully


Described by some folks as tough, popular, and charming, Thessalos is the dockmaster of the Kerpolis Old Town Dockyard. There are dozens of ships docked at his dockyard at any given time. He directly manages three warehouses on the docks, though there are many under on land that he owns that pay him rent. One of the three warehouses has barrels of water, crates of hay, and removable wood plank flooring with a 60 foot diameter pit possibly used for fighting exotic beasts.

He is a suspected collector, peddler, and fighter of exotic beasts. He reportedly gave a blue egg to nobleman Arsenius after one of Thesesalos’s beasts killed Arsenius’s wyrm died in the dockmaster’s fighting pits. The Protectorate caught wind of the event and started investigating, but that investigation was later closed according to the Protectorate magical crime registry in Kerpolis.

Dockmaster Thessalos is regularly followed around the docks by a 150 pound mastiff companion.

The group was warned by the nearby Red Sea Dragon pubmaster to look the other way or accept a bribe if the group catches the dockmaster doing anything illegal.


Dockmaster Thessalos

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