(Departed) Dolan Greyfare

Human Druid - Circle of the Cloudwood


Raised in Dawnville, a frontier town bordering the Wild, Dolan was fascinated by the various trappers and woodsmen that resided nearby or passed through. He would often explore the neighboring woods, drawing sketches of interesting plants, and looking them up in a guidebook to local fauna/flora (a gift from a passing woodsman named Roland). With age, his trips would become longer and take him further from town. One night, while hunting for a rare species of fluorescent fungi, Dolan was attacked by a Werewolf. Nearly dead, Dolan stumbled back to town. However, the next full moon, Dolan transformed into a werewolf and killed two children from his town. Awakening next to their mutilated bodies and realizing what he had done/become, Dolan staggered, a tattered mess, into the wilderness. Thinking he should bring the greatest distance between him and his town as he could, he fled into the Cloudwood, a dense forested region of the Wild, avoided by trappers and woodsmen. There, he met a fey druid, Evalla, who took curiosity of his plight, having never encountered a werewolf before. Evalla took care of Dolan and even started teaching him some of the magic of the Cloudwood. Dolan learned about the ways of the wild quickly, impressing his fey mentor, and over time learned to control his transformation into a wolf, and eventually learned to transform into other animals as well. Dolan learned other forms of druidic magic, and began to master the druid tongue. Evalla told Dolan that since the catastrophe, the trees had never grown the same, and that in recent decades stranger things have be sighted or rumored to be originating from the Wastes, and more unsettling magical creatures being sighted, including perhaps, the werewolf. Because of these tidings, Evalla’s coven, the Virdun, had become unsettled and Evalla had more pressing matters to attend to. So, after several winters, it was time for Dolan to leave.

Dolan departed the Cloudwood, but could not return to his hometown, for fear that they knew it was he that killed the children (his family and the rest of the town actually think he is dead, the victim of a werewolf, just like the children). Wanting to register his newfound magical abilities, and seeking employ, Dolan went to a protectorate citadel in a city far from Dawnville to sign up for service. Because of his magical abilities, they allowed him to join after the usual testing and training, and he now serves as an Arbiter. Besides a basic need of employment, a position in the protectorate allows Dolan to research druidic and magical history. He is also able to protect others from suffering a similar fate as he, since his positions requires him to hunt down and eliminate unchecked magical powers. In this manner, he is able to ensure there is natural balance between the magical and natural elements in the world.

Dolan is simply a frontier-raised naturalist with a keen interest in the untamed wild that borders civilization. He fears that his hometown may discover that he is alive and killed the children, and is saddened that he cannot contact his parents/siblings. He owes his life and druidic knowledge to the fey-druid that saved his life, a member of a loosely bound collective of druids, the Virdun, that watch over the Cloudwood (with other unknown agendas), and he carries a token of this collective that the fey-druid gave him on his departure from the Cloudwood. Dolan is fascinated by the rise in unchecked magical activities rumored to be influencing the Wildlands, and is perplexed by the mysteries of the wastes and the magical forces therein. He fears that further unbalance in magical/natural order could bring further destruction to the kingdoms.


Hometown: Dawnville

Family: Sasha (sister), Boren (brother), Gregor (father), Charlette (mother) — all still reside in Dawnville, and assume that he is dead

Evalla – member of the Veradun coven of druids, taught him druidic ways, resides in the Cloudwood
Eamos – dead colleague lost in the Wastes
Grimwick Denosovian de Pater – Grimwick delivered Eamos’ letter and piece of obsidian (“a letter from a dead colleague”) to Dolan. They exchanged some info about the wastes and the peculiarities there, and keep in occasional touch / information trade.
Madam Camille – Dolan was clued into her orphanage by Grimwick. He has since attempted to cultivate a relationship with Camille, and has exchanged donations for information on a couple occasions.

Organization contacts:
The Virdun: Druid coven Evalla is a part of. Believe that the Cataclysm was caused when elements lost their natural balance. The only way to prevent it from spreading is to ensure the balance remains.

Druidic Token – token from Evalla, displays a connection to the Veradun
Letter from a dead colleague – shard of obsidian glass and a note regarding it from a dead colleague (Eamos). Eamos was a member of the protectorate who had served with Dolan and entrusted him with a piece of obsidian glass (not found elsewhere in the world). The note says that it is a sample of a strange rock he found in the wastes, in a field made of it as far as the eye could see, and asks Dolan to identify it. Eamos hasn’t been heard from since (presumed dead)

(Departed) Dolan Greyfare

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