Dr. Julien Redferne

Half-elf Warlock - Pact of the Blade


At 88 hears old, Julien is well into his middle age as a half-elf. His only obvious elven features are the points of his ears. His dark hair is close cropped with some hints of grey. He has also been sporting a short scruffy beard since the death of his wife. His eyes, which were light green in his younger years, have darkened to grey. He is roughly 5’10" and lean, but possesses considerable strength, usually hidden by his clothing. Similarly his face betrays little of his thought sand emotions, but his eyes are ever watchful and alert.

His normal garb consists of Studded leather armor and travellers clothes, usually under a faded dark green cloak. He carries no weapons on his person, but Lilith’s magic enables him to summon a pact weapon from thin air. Although he can summon it in any form, he prefers the glaive.

A good approximation with cloak and glaive:


Another approximation with a winter cape instead of the green cloak while casting a flame spell:



Some 200 years after the cataclysm, Julien was born to a human woman who had had an affair with an elf stranded from his homeland to the West. Julien never knew his father, but lived a modest middle class life with his mother’s family. Eventually Julien apprenticed with local healers and pursued a career in medicine, with a particular interest in researching magical disease. Through his work, he crossed paths with the Protectorate often, as magical diseases could be spontaneously caused by fallout of the cataclysm or created by evil magi for nefarious purposes.

In his 30’s he met the love of his life, a human woman named Essara. They married and began a life together. However, shortly after marrying, Essara fell ill and died suddenly. The nature of the disease was unknown, but it was thought by many to be magical due to the nature of the disease and the suddenness with which it took hold.

Julien was crushed by her death, especially because of his inability to help diagnose or cure the disease as a doctor. He blamed himself and became a hermit – rarely leaving his house and focusing all of his time on studying and researching the magics that may have caused Essara’s death. Eventually the remaining members of his family passed away, while he spent decades alone with the lifespan of a half-elf.

After decades of his torment became too much to bear, Julien enacted a plan to both end his life and see Essara one last time. Having come across an order of shape-shifting demons called Succubi through his research, he became determined to summon one to take the form of Essara knowing that it would most likely mean his death.

On the chosen night, after completing a ritual he found to summon the demon, Julien was confronted by a very powerful Succubus, Lilith. Lilith was particularly intrigued by the fact that a mortal had dared summon her. The sad figure that stood before her was not afraid when she appeared in his bedchamber, which intrigued her even more. He seemed unmoved by her beauty, and was able to resist her charm magics. Julien bluntly offered her a trade – “I can not bear this life any longer. Take my life, but let me spend a night with my wife one last time.” Lilith gave him his wish and more, reading his mind and shapeshifting into his lost love. However, she would not kill him. Seeing his weak mental state and a unique opportunity, she promised him his dreams and more – reuniting with his wife, and learning the true nature of what killed her. In his emotionally weak state, he accepting her “offer”.

She imbued him with dark and fiendish powers of a warlock, and told him she would be in touch when he was needed. Upon her suggestion (?), he joined the Protectorate. It was the safest way to conceal these new powers by claiming they were stumbled upon or innate, much like a Sorcerers. His past relationship with the protectorate and the records of his service earned him his way in. However, Julien has never been comfortable in his role. He knows it may just be a matter of time before the Protectorate learns the truth or until Lilith calls on him to do her bidding. Until then he has kept a low profile – using his charm and guile to avoid attention.

Known Kin: Dahlia Redferne – Age 3/4 – When a terrorist fire-bombing led to the deaths of many townspeople in Denaus, Julien was able to save a young girl named Dahlia, whose parents had been killed in the blast. After delivering her to an orphanage for a short time, Julien adopted the girl as his own daughter.

Dr. Julien Redferne

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