Elan Stoneseer

Half-Elf Cleric - Knowledge Domain


Half-elf male, 5’9", 150 lbs. 70 years old (in year 289). Pale skin and silver hair, cut short.

Wears breastplate (with inlaid Eye of Aperisi) and traveler’s clothing underneath a long coat. Carries a shield, but no weapons other than a small dagger.

Wears an electrum Eye of Aperisi pendant on his right hand, attached to a leather bracelet with a finger loop. The pendant is usually worn on the back of his hand for convenience, but is switched to his palm when casting spells.


Elan grew up in an orphanage in Denaus, never having known his real parents. To this day, despite considerable effort on his part, their identities remain a mystery to him.

In the orphanage, Elan found a strange puzzle that no one else seemed to be aware of. Solving the puzzle yielded a set of instructions, which he followed. This led him to a half-elf woman named Jenia Stoneseer, who happily informed him that he was blessed by Aperisi and more than welcome to join her cult. He joined, and Jenia (a former Protectorate Seer) took Elan into her home and mentored him. The two formed a strong bond, and remain close to this day.

(He would later learn that, without magical assistance, these puzzles can only be seen and solved by those touched by Aperisi. When a member is ready to take an apprentice, he/she hides the same puzzle he/she solved as a child in a divined location; usually a school or orphanage, but not always. Members traditionally take new last names based on which puzzle they solved; Elan and Jenia’s was the Puzzle of the Stones.)

Thanks to the cult’s resources and connections, Elan received a comprehensive education in addition to Jenia’s religious training. Once he was deemed ready, Elan became a Seer in the Protectorate, specializing in research and interrogations.

Though he enjoyed his work, he longed for adventure and often requested field assignments when they were available.

Recently, Elan assisted in the interrogation of Golar, an earth elemental found by a group of Protectorate Arbiters in the wastes. Elan grew to like Golar despite initial mistrust, and found his accounts of the FTCs compelling. He put in a request to be assigned to a team investigating these creatures, and soon enough, learned that a position had just opened up if he wanted it.

Elan Stoneseer

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