Jenia Stoneseer

Half-elf Cleric of Aperisi / retired Protectorate Seer


Half-elf woman, 5’3", 174 years old. Grey hair, olive-toned but pale skin.


Jenia is Elan’s foster mother. Like Elan, she was inducted into the Cult of Aperisi as a child after solving the Puzzle of the Stones.

Worked as a Protectorate Seer for many years until she retired at the age of 100. She could have kept working there for at least a few decades longer, but wanted to settle into a quieter life and take an apprentice or two.

Elan was her first apprentice. 20 years later, she took on a second apprentice— Katha, a half-orc girl from the Mudbottom slums. While Jenia loved her every bit as much as she did Elan, raising a half-orc on her own was no picnic, so she stopped fostering apprentices after Katha left her care. She still tutors younger students part-time, though, and plans to do so as long as she is able.

Jenia Stoneseer

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