"Old Man" Zabbo

human wizard


Zabbo wears a maroon robe over off-white undergarmets. He’s 5’11, but loses a few inches due to his old man hunching. He stabilizes himself with a dark wooded staff. His balding head is framed by untamed gray wisps of hair. He generally appears aloof, disinterested, lost in thought, or hungry.


Zabbo (born Egridus Zabboriah Feldspar) was once the Marshall of Danaus. However, in the midst of his research involving the FTCs and teleportation circles, he became pseudo-senile and was dismissed from his position. He retreated to seclusion in the isle of Gremore. There, he took up residence in the ruins of Attisbard Keep, where he continued his delusional studies. Nearby villagers of Tridenton referred to him as “Old Man” Zabbo, and generally steered clear.

Zabbo carries around several spellbooks. Most the writings are indecipherable, disorganized nonsense, but as Zabbo re-immerses himself in the adventuring life, he slowly pieces together his medley of parchment and remembers spells from his glory days.

Zabbo has 1-3 estranged wives and 0-4 children, all of which he may or may not remember, depending on the day. He is originally from Aexakruberg.

"Old Man" Zabbo

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