(Deceased) Ophelia Waybrook

Human Paladin - Church of the Keeper's of the Light


Ophelia is a human female, stands, 5’ 9’’ and 160 lbs, and she follows a rigorous training regimen in order to stay in peak physical condition. She has dark skin, dark brown kinky hair which she keeps cut very short, and deep brown eyes.
Her most noticeable feature is that her left arm is partially missing, ending just beyond her elbow. Strapped to the end of this arm is a hook, from which usually hangs an ornate, wrought silver hooded lantern. Strapped just above her elbow is a shield, and so from several angles it is difficult to tell that her arm is missing. Her right hand is kept free, unless in combat when she wields a longsword or hurls a javelin. Closely examined or tested, her right arm is unusually strong, and Ophelia takes great pride in the power and speed she can put behind her blade.
Ophelia comes from a noble family background, and her attire reflects this. From a distance, one first sees her gleaming white robes (unless she is traveling through the wilderness, for which she switches to a dark blue hooded cloak). Under the cloak is her fitted splint-mail armor, which does an excellent job defending her in combat, but has the drawbacks of being quite heavy, time-intensive to don and doff, and prevent her almost entirely from movement without making noise.


Ophelia was born to one of the original families of Keepers to settle in Denaus. The Waybrooks family originates from the distant and fallen kingdom of Denorrus. The Orclaws and Brightwoods were also in this group of pilgrims, who made the journey nearly across the entire continent approximately 300 years ago – their mission at the time was to become a seed community for the fledgling Church of the Keepers of the Light. This pilgrimage has since become a central legend to the church, and Ophelia loved to hear stories of the great journey, the Cataclym that rocked her ancient homelands about 50 years later, and of the rise of the Keepers in Denaus.
She had a fairly sheltered childhood, living in the church complex in the SunCrown district, and primarily associated with other noble families. Fascinated with the machinations of the Protectorate from a young age (as well as by the magic they were capable of, as well as by the more powerful Keepers), she applied and was accepted to join the organization, in a contractual agreement between the Church and the Protectorate.
Despite being quite young, currently 24 years old, she has had fairly extensive training in combat, horseback riding, basic survival skills, and the history and knowledge of magic and the Church. She also had lessons on diplomacy and negotiation, but being zealous and strong-willed have already resulted in a number of rash decisions. She was only 18 when she first felt stirrings of magic, which she and other Keepers describe as the lighting of an internal, eternal flame. She was trained by Artem Orclaw the head of security for the Keepers, and he helped her learn to wield her powers. Her combat training has a particular focus on protection, and her early assignments were to be a bodyguard or escort. Despite the awkward way in which she carries it, she is also highly trained in the various uses of her shield. Her magical abilities also center around protection and support for her and her companions in combat.

Ophelia died in the year 289 AC, in the magical wastelands, in a castle called the Cold Fort. She was struck down at the hands of the castle’s lord, the yeti Kler Kler. She was 24 years old.

(Deceased) Ophelia Waybrook

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