Oskar "The Bold" Lutgehr

Mountain Dwarf Fighter


Stands 4’ 10’’, Oskar is fairly tall for a dwarf, with brown eyes, tanned skin, and deep red hair (think of hair treated with henna). He’s gruff and distrustful of strangers, but fiercely loyal towards those he has gotten close to. Puts the honor of himself and his family before all others. He has been trained to follow orders to the letter (as long as he recognizes that authority as just), and will obey the law even if it may cause suffering. Takes often to drink.


Oskar was raised in the dwarven kingdom, as a soldier of one of the lesser houses. Being the fourth son, he was trained as a soldier, and spent many of his years on a variety of assignments for the kingdom. Having gathered some experience, his family obtained a royal assignment for Oskar and a small complement to journey to the city of Danaus, where he would serve in a security capacity for the Protectorate. He has been working with the Protectorate for about 10 years, and took the often tedious job seriously, knowing the importance of serving well.

He has also been trained in the use of smith’s tools and jeweler’s tools, although his work with jewelry is more on the level of a hobby. As a smith he is of adequate skill. He is fairly skilled at the game of chess, and carries a small set.

Oskar "The Bold" Lutgehr

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