(Deceased) Theren Meliamne

Woof Elf Barbarian - Eagle Totem


5’9", 190 lbs. Has tan/copper skin and dark brown hair pulled back into a pony tail. Bright yellow eyes (due to taking the eagle as his totem spirit guide).

Wears breastplate and furs, unremarkable except for the addition of some eagle feathers. Typically wields a greatsword, longbow, or two handaxes.


Theren grew up in a Wood Elf village far to the west of the Human kingdoms. He was part of a respectable family, though not really noble, per se, as his village was fairly remote. As tradition dictates, upon reaching adolescence Theren was required to travel to a foreign land and experience how other peoples live. During his travels, the cataclysm occurred. Theren was cut off from everyone he knew by an impenetrable wasteland. He lost touch with reality, due a combination of emotional trauma and exposure in the outskirts of the wastes, and turned into little more than a raging, mindless savage.

He wandered for a few years before being found by Neega the Orc druid, who recognized his condition as mild cataclysm-exposure and took him in out of compassion. Theren spent the next couple years regaining his sanity and learning to control his rage, with Neega’s help. Thelen soon grew impatient, however, as he knew very little about either the cataclysm or the well-being of his family. He left before Neega can finish his training, and set out westward to find a way home.

He was, of course, unable to pass through or around the wastes in the North, so he traveled south along the edge of the wastes, staying hidden from the strange things that started appearing, until he reached the human kingdoms. He passed on what he knew to the authorities there, and learned that no one else had been able to find a passable route through the wastes either. He joined human-led expeditions sent to scout around the edges of the wastes, trying desperately to learn more about how to get across or around it. After a while, though, the humans lost interest in sending expeditions, and he lost hope of ever seeing his family again. He returned to his Orc tribe in the wilds and finished his training with Neega. He lived there for many decades, even after Neega’s death, and befriended several generations of Orcs.

In year 288 A.C., Theren received a letter from an old friend— a fellow scout from his expedition days, now part of the Protectorate in Denaus. His friend had recommended him for a position as an Arbiter of the Protectorate, based on his experience with the cataclysm and the wastes. Theren agreed to join, once again hopeful that he might find a way home.

(Deceased) Theren Meliamne

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