Papyrus Arcana

December Something

These are my notes after a few weeks off and having no idea what they say/mean:

After slaying the beast, Tronin says he speaks for the group. There are 4 moutah? , 10 prisoners.

We get:
- scroll of Protection from Friends (DC 15 Ch to overcome, invisible barrier 5 ft radi cylinder 5 minutes moves with you)
- potion (sweet) and hervby) – aug – superior healing (8d4_+8)
- Magic bead → marble – abj/evoc, bead of force, thwo 60 ft, explodes 10 ft radii, dc15 or 5d4 force fail and total w/in trapped 1 min

Hissing(?) attacks Julien. Zth order rev grav spell. Julien finds tracks and it paced around house. Cat like like giant paws. (Shadowcat Watch Alert!).

Book about the cult. Zabbo can’t find it, turns library upside down. Julien bribes for Malvic Manor (to have a house? I dunno, maybe he and dahlia are moving to the ’burbs).
Elan searches for shadowcat in books. Finds an account from fox religion about a battle with a shadowcat. Cat has 4,6,8 legs (any even number really), is powerful, sneaky, [illegible] , territorial.

Thats it?

December 5
the group takes on Zabgonan

The group approaches the house where the cult is being all cult-like. Zabbo has an arcane eye on the cult basement room, and is carried towards the house by Julien, behind an invisible Sumira, a detecting-magicing Elan, and a grumpy Oskar. After Elan sees that the door has a magic spell on it, Elan casts silence on a window and Oskar breaks it open, and the group goes in through the window.

The party assembles at the top of the stairs, taking a moment to discuss the plan, which appears to be remaining at the top of the stairs and shouting for the demon and cultists to come up and surrender. With this plan in mind, Sumira casts comprehend languages to hear the cultist chant, Zabbo dispels magic on the door to stop the abjuration spell, Sumira unlocks the door, Oskar opens it and charges down the stairs, Elan charges down after him followed by Zabbo and preceded by an invisible Sumira, and Julien stands at the top of the stairs shouting for them to come up and surrender (as The Plan dictated).

Sumira runs invisible into the room. Oskar runs into the room upon which the protectorate member Philip turns invisible, but then he casts a light spell with his sword, and the divine light someone makes Philip the Protectorate Person visible again. Everyone is shouting for the cultists to stand down. Then, Zabbo, hobbles down the stairs and casts Evard’s Black Tenticles. Squirming tentacles come out of the floor, engulfing those on the closer half of the table. Four of the cultists are strangled, including the Lady Melnic of the house. Alexis Melnic tries in vain to save her from the grasp of the withering black tentacles.

The demon Zabgonan charges the group, unleashing a fearsome presence that momentarily frightens Zabbo. Oscar starts hacking away at the demon and submitting counter-blows into the demon’s rotting flesh. Julien casts Hex on the demon and attacks with his sword as well. Zabbo unleashes a flaming sphere that he sends to the demon, though it does not do much damage, so he also unleashes a magic missile. Philip starts casting spells on the group, so Zabbo dispels his Flamestrike. Sumira stabs him with a poisoned blade, inflicting massive damage, and Julien casts Blight on him, draining him of his life force and turning him into a raisin of a person. Though downed, somehow he survives with the faintest of heartbeats. Elan also casts Sacred Flame on the demon that deals radiant damage, and uses Guardian of Faith around his person which also damages the demon.

As these blows slowly bring the demon down, Oskar finally makes a couple final strikes, cleaving his mace into the demon’s neck, and bringing it to the ground. Oskar and Julien ensure the demon is dead.

October 31
The group finds a cult

PREVIOUSLY: The group had investigated the case of the mysterious toads. There is a lake with two families, the Dudyic and the Melnic. The group interviewed Vaneric dudyic, who had been complaining about cats being killed by strange toads. The group also interviewed Alexis Melnic, who lived in the manor on the other side of the lake.

While the Vaneric’s were normal, the Melnic’s seemed suspicious, so an arcane eye was sent to investigate. The eye found a table in the basement and a possible sacrificial knife, and some blood stains. The group decided to return to investigate on the full moon.

The party then went to find Dolan and speak with Barkskin. The group is led to a tree that they pass through blindfolded to be taken to Barkskin. The party finds barkskin plus 3 others by Alexi, who is bound in a stasis. Barkskin allows the party to probe Alexi’s mind.

The probe:
crystals? — Alexi asks someone to buy earth blossoms, with one othe rperson and his current clerk. He put the crystals in the vault.

what you planning? — crystal staff controlling a golem, sitting in grand palace or castle

where is the staff? — smoky / crystal

how you find staff? — he’s in office reading papers, the books were from the castle in the wastes

what of Marcus? — gives slayers club staff

how to get into vault? — Alexi walks in

and so on…

Barkskin says there are 5 others looking for the staff, and a 6th will be looking for it. The danger comes from “fire as the sun rises, six as the sun sets”

The group heads back to Danaus and does some housekeeping.

Zabbo finds out at the bathhouse that ther eis a rematch for Grogarus Gromin at the pits. The group also visits Vadim, the jewler, and finds that the protectorate (alexi) bought the earth blossoms. The group tells Vadim to let them know (at the bank) if anyone is looking to buy earthblossoms. Zabbo also finds from Duncan, the clerk, that the earthblossom purchases were off the books.

The group also learns that a special visitor in town, an Archmage named Cronin.

The group does some research. Elan finds that there is a cult of indulgence related to the toad quest, that worship Zagonan.

Zaboo reads the books, finds that one is about a denoran spy in the Loran emprie. the spy speaks of an elite group of mages, working to weaponize magic in Loran. The group is called Magos Asphelia, and was a war council and had mages all over. they had the ability to go between cities quickly, and wer workign on a crystal golum. This involved linking magic to other planes, and getting pwoers form other planes.

The other book Zabo reads speaks of the final battle. The conflict was a territory dispute, and the battle happened in this territory. Two large armies fought, but the Crystal Golum could hurl meteorites. An army of elves also arrived to fight the Loran empire.

Julien resists a magical effect when confronted by Dahlia while she is holding Greggin. This leads Julien to think the doll may be magical or cursed. He decides to return to the shop it was purchased from, but finds out nothing from the store owner. Is it possible that Dahlia has some innate power?

on 9/14, the group meets with Keff, who introduces the party to Cronin, who is slow and statue-like, and wears a cowl. The group relates their info to Cronin. Zabbo suggests a prisoner trade for alexi or a meeting point in a neutral zone. Cronin seems to reject this, dismisses Alexi as dead, and suggests the group might be able to help locate the staff.

In the downtime, Zabbo reexamines the books and finds one is of the Magos Asphelim, however he does not have time to read it and hides it. A box arrives at the house for Zabbo, with one of his messenger’s heads and the words “stay away from our egg”.

Sumira queries guards about Marcus and is squire, both in emo dress.

The group then heads to the lake and meets with Vaneric Dudyick. the group sends a couple arcane eyes in, finding that several people are gathered in the basement. Eventually, they start chanting, and then a demon appears.

The demon is Feshne – strong, high con, resistance to magic and elemental magic, resistant to non magical stuff, immune to poison, terrifying in appearance, and so on.

The group prepares to confront the demon and the cult…

October 24
dreams and such

The group is taken to barkskin, where Alexi is being held prisoner. Some of the group is allowed into Alexi’s mind, seeing his visions as they ask questions. The magic is not drusted by Elan and Oskar, who are very mistrustful of Barkskin. Sumira, Zabbo, and Julien see visions conjured when they ask Alexi questions.

[update needed]

Stuff still happens

The group was summoned by Dolan to meet Barkskin, and also tasked with cleanign up some big toads in a pond/lake near Danaus. The group finds that one of the houses across from teh lake has a strange cult-like basement thing. Then the group continues to try to find Dolan.

September 19, 2016
The group finishes the rescue mission

The party continues their attack on the keepers. As the keepers rush julien (in dragon form), he changes back into his normal self and casts a Wall of Fire, which quickly engulfs most of the keepers. As the fires die, the party dispatches the rest of the keepers. Skyrene is taken alive, and Julien silently disposes of Artem and Zolotov.

The group rescues Elan and Oskar, and rushes back to the Citadel. They find the citadel in disarray, it had been attacked, and Artem is missing.

September 11, 2016
An assault on the Keepers

The group is tasked with bringing the keepers down and trying to rescue Oskar and Elan. Meanwhile, there is apparently trouble at one of the gates, a mob is trying to open it.

The group heads to the Keepers Temple, attempting to sneak in and get Oskar, they decide to sneak/fly/teleport into the same large chamber they previously escaped, and are surprised to find everyone is still there, including the two prisoners!

The group enters the battle in a frenzy, with one well thought out battle plan: kill the casters first. With this plan at the forefront of the party’s mind, everyone quickly begins attacking everyone but the caster, as the group is swarmed with keeper soldiers, and the high keeper leader himself.

September 4, 2016

The group saw Dolan, tried to investigate, got in a fight with the Keepers, and then two of them got captured.

August 23rd, 2016

Previous: A bunch of stuff I CBFed to write about

8/5? – The group is tasked with eliminating BearPaw, and travels into the forest to search for him. The party goes to the spot where they were previously attacked by bears, and attempts to track where the bears/druids went. They are accompanied by Z? from the city guard who is a tracker. The first day he appears sick, but then he is cured and can track again.

The group find/scouts the druid campandencountersaboyandzabbosferrettdiesandsoon…

When bearpaw returns to the camp, the group sneaks in at night. Elan casts a silence spell on Bear Paw’s tent and Sumira, Julien, and Oskar go in and and attack him in his sleep, also stealing his staff. Bear Paw tries to turn into a hawk and fly away, but is cut down, and then killed. His body is stuffed in the bag o’ holdin’. The group then reconvenes in an empty tent nearby. Oh yeah, Oskar is a Zorn. The group then exits, but not before sumira goes back to BearPaw’s tent and steals some papers. The group then escapes the camp and starts heading back.

July Something

The group returned to Danaus. Dolan left to venture into the Cloudwood. The group finds that there’s a bounty on Dolan and Barkskin, which is raised after Dolan departs. The party is joined by Zabbo, a wizard, and is given the choice to help in the defense of Danaus, kill Barkskin, or go to the teleportation circles.

PREVIOUSLY: The group killed all the FTC baddies in the mine, some party members died and were replaced, and so on.


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