Papyrus Arcana

September 11, 2016
An assault on the Keepers

The group is tasked with bringing the keepers down and trying to rescue Oskar and Elan. Meanwhile, there is apparently trouble at one of the gates, a mob is trying to open it.

The group heads to the Keepers Temple, attempting to sneak in and get Oskar, they decide to sneak/fly/teleport into the same large chamber they previously escaped, and are surprised to find everyone is still there, including the two prisoners!

The group enters the battle in a frenzy, with one well thought out battle plan: kill the casters first. With this plan at the forefront of the party’s mind, everyone quickly begins attacking everyone but the caster, as the group is swarmed with keeper soldiers, and the high keeper leader himself.

September 4, 2016

The group saw Dolan, tried to investigate, got in a fight with the Keepers, and then two of them got captured.

August 23rd, 2016

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8/5? – The group is tasked with eliminating BearPaw, and travels into the forest to search for him. The party goes to the spot where they were previously attacked by bears, and attempts to track where the bears/druids went. They are accompanied by Z? from the city guard who is a tracker. The first day he appears sick, but then he is cured and can track again.

The group find/scouts the druid campandencountersaboyandzabbosferrettdiesandsoon…

When bearpaw returns to the camp, the group sneaks in at night. Elan casts a silence spell on Bear Paw’s tent and Sumira, Julien, and Oskar go in and and attack him in his sleep, also stealing his staff. Bear Paw tries to turn into a hawk and fly away, but is cut down, and then killed. His body is stuffed in the bag o’ holdin’. The group then reconvenes in an empty tent nearby. Oh yeah, Oskar is a Zorn. The group then exits, but not before sumira goes back to BearPaw’s tent and steals some papers. The group then escapes the camp and starts heading back.

July Something

The group returned to Danaus. Dolan left to venture into the Cloudwood. The group finds that there’s a bounty on Dolan and Barkskin, which is raised after Dolan departs. The party is joined by Zabbo, a wizard, and is given the choice to help in the defense of Danaus, kill Barkskin, or go to the teleportation circles.

PREVIOUSLY: The group killed all the FTC baddies in the mine, some party members died and were replaced, and so on.

May 24th

The surviving party members were able to find one another, take refuge in Temipol, and send word back to the Protectorate via their magical raven.


Mage-Warden Alexi summoned Oscar, a dwarven fighter from [Dwarven kingdom name?] on loan to the Protectorate; and Elan, a half-elf Cleric of the Cult of Aperisi, and Seer in the Protectorate. After briefing the two on the party’s situation near Temipol, he arranged for them to be teleported, along with 20 seasoned dwarven warriors from Oscar’s retinue, to a nearby Protectorate outpost.

The meeting between the new and old party members was less than amicable. Oscar, a grizzled veteran, attempted to take charge of the operation. His 20 dwarven companions also caused quite a stir in the small mining community. Elan already had mixed opinions on the party and acted arrogantly, especially when he determined that the party had fought and lost to the Xorn, a usually-peaceful race which only steals gold because they need it to survive.

Later that night, Phan (the Warden of Lost Star) crashed into town, raving and flailing an FTC corpse. He then publicly displayed five earth blossom gems (valued at 1000 gp each) that the FTC had been carrying; this caught the attention of the townsfolk, who had not seen such valuable gems in quite some time. Oscar dutifully scooped up the gems before they could go missing. Elan attempted to calm him down using magic, unbeknownst to the rest of the party; Dolan then detected the magic present on Phan, and, assuming it to be the Dog Doom disease, dispelled it.

The party questioned him on how he was allowed to break the quarantine in Lost Star, but his assertion that it was done legally wasn’t completely convincing. When asked if he would join the party in their raid on the FTC lair, Phan declined, saying he would continue to hunt the FTCs in the woods instead.


The party ventured out to the cave where they previously encountered the Xorn, and negotiated free passage through their caves and the return of Carric and Theren’s bodies in return for two earth blossom gems. The Xorn were unwilling to help fight the FTCs, however, despite their dislike for them.

May 2nd, 16th


The party wandered to the north of Lost Star in search of clues. Dolan found a recently-dead sheep at the bottom of a lake.

Found several downed trees, which appear to have been destroyed around the same time as the tree outside Lost Star, weeks ago. Dolan gave a plant sentience, then left.


Back outside Lost Star, Alduin suggests cause of downed trees: an earthquake that was reported weeks ago. The exact epicenter was unknown, but likely in the mountains between Lost Star and Temipol.

The party left to investigate an abandoned crystal cave in the area.

Julien, Sumira, Dolan, and Carric contracted the Dog Doom disease. Dolan was able to cure himself and Carric before too many ill effects were apparent, but Julien and Sumira (who had been afflicted previously) became belligerent and resisted Dolan’s attempts to cure them.


The party encountered strange monsters intent on stealing coin purses. Despite their mostly non-violent behavior, the party slew two of the creatures. As the remaining four fled underground, Dolan was able to track the coin purse they stole with the “Locate Object” spell. This led them to a cave entrance that seemed too risky to explore.

Later that night, the party noticed a flock of FTCs darkening the stars in the sky. Julien flew up to engage them, destroyed several with a fireball, and lured several more back down to the party. By the time Julien reached the party, however, the FTCs had returned to the flock.


Dolan was able to dispel the Dog Doom disease from both Julien and Sumira without them noticing. Finally, the party was free from the disease’s debilitating effects. The threat of bloody conflict within the group was over.

Carric and Theren have perished. In a doomed battle with the four monsters from the day before, everyone but Sumira was knocked unconscious. Apparently the creatures did not take the death of their brothers well.

Sumira attempted to flee in the opposite direction from the cave entrance, hoping to find another exit. This led her straight into the lair of the FTCs, including one of the very large varieties. She fled back toward the site of the earlier battle, but took a different turn, and through some strange magic eventually found her way to the surface.

Dolan and Julien were less lucky, and were taken prisoner by the thieving underground creatures. Several attempts later, Dolan and Julien were eventually able to escape with the help of a summoned Boulder Person.

April 18th and 24th

The group reached the Elf city, debated what to do, and wandered around outside the city to search for FTCs. Several in the group appear affllicted with Dog Doom.

April 11th
The group investigates the quarry

The group reunited Maven with his wife. Some talk about the mining town saw that there was a farm nearby with some lambs missing. Also, some men from the mining town were cut down by a madman with arrows (perhaps elven). There were some other skirmishes and a dog went crazy with mad dog disease. Wild animals have been aggressive.

Yurms mate to the east. THe group arrived at the quarry, and saw shone in the shape of tentacle creatures. Dolan thought last minute to try to lure some Yurms to fight the tentacled beasts, but the plan backfired when the tentacled beasts proved to already be dead and the group had to fight the Yurms. The group killed the larger Yurm, and then rested in the treeline. The group was awakened from their rest by a flurry of arrows and a figure walking towards them.

April 4th
The group prepares for a trip

Julien and Carric questioned the toymaker Brimmin and farm equipment maker Razzibar. Razzibar was making some strange contraptions, he said they were sappers. They suggested questioning Manconan, a professor in the College of Tinkstery in Kerpolis.

Julien purchased a creepy toy for Dalia, the girl left at the orphanage.

Therin purchased a falcon.

The group traveled to Losstar, going through Mosswall (no bad news there) and reaching Temipol.

Traveled to Temipol, and encountered a wandering merchant with goods with a mountain witha face in it, the shape of the one from the FTC cave. Dolan sensed an enchantment aura around him and dispelled it. Learned that his name is Maven and he is from Temipol. Said he carved the statues a month ago when he was wandering in an abandoned stone quarry.

On 5-4, the group arrives in Temipol. Sumira disguieses herself and Therin finds out that 3 minors were attacked by an elf 2 wks ago.

Other things:

  • overheard that Aexaroera is at war with Thisea
March 28
The Tribunal of Golar

4-17 to 4-19, in the year 289 A.C.

Carric and Therin have dinner with Alanna and Content Not Found: camus. Cerrik discloses the impending thread of the five tentacled creatures. They also discuss the disease in Losstar. It is known as Umbar-Huo (Dog Doom). Alana writes a note to take to Arbaine. Alanna also says Losstar can be accessed by a path from Tenepol, known as the Tenepol Path, which goes through a group of mountains known as “the barbs”.

The group members head to the Citadel, mostly separately (Sumira has a small altercation with a panhandler). The group meets with Denisov, who returns all the magic items, save the teleportation book. Denisov also says it would be useful for the group to bring back anything the FTCs have touched.

Next came the Tribunal of Golar. Before the tribunal, Cerrik was sworn into the Protectorate. Speaking for the group, Julien defended Golar, and Golar was only told to live in the Citadel, and that he must provide services to the protectorate as necessary, and must register with the protectorate. Jovan was sentenced to 10 yrs in prison.

Next, Denisov informed the group that the explosion from the funeral was from a mundane device, somehting worth investigating.

Dolan checked in with Grimwick, who aid that a similar device was unleashed in Kerpolis. That it might be connected to the tinkerer guild in kerpolis, although they are not known to dabble in crime. In Danaus, grimwick said they could check in with a Toymaker (Grimmin), or a farming equipment maker (Razzibar). In Kerpolis, the group could contact Torrick, the cartmaker.

The group is left deciding whether to head to kerpolis or head to Losstar. b


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