Papyrus Arcana

February 1st, 2016
Game Calendar: 3-24 to 3-26

The party continues to follow the map through the wastes. At the end the day of travel, Julien spots what looks to be ruins of a town about a half-day’s travel away while using his Fly spell to scout ahead.

The party slowly makes its way towards the ruins, which appear to be sandy stones in very disparaging condition. Julien makes out a strange creature in the center of the ruins while scouting, and the party approaches cautiously.

Two creatures are in the center of the ruins, a humanoid figure with dark grey skin and charcoal eyes, and a beast two times the size of a horse, with two horns and an additional nose horn. The creatures are earth elemental in nature — possibly from the elemental plane.

The group approaches the creatures and tries to make contact. The humanoid figure casts a spell so he can speak with the group. He introduces himself as Golar of Lyzork, from Vylzok. This is revealed as a different plane of existence, whose passageway into the current plane is perhaps connected to the cataclysm.

Golar reveals a number of things of interests relating to the history of the cataclysm. Golar’s realm was left uninhabited because of attacks by the flying shadow monsters. The shadow creatures worship the ‘mountain god’ [is that right?] and have several castes: scouts, warriors, and priests. We have faced the weaker scouts, and one priest.

Golar describes the Purple Mist as a perilous area, near where his homeplane was connected. The mist causes exhaustion and magic to backfire. Golar traveled it with others from his realm, but the rest died. The mist is locked in a semi-ringed shape [??]. Golar also says that some other creatures form his plane may have traveled here: a large beaked 4-legged creature (known as beak-monsters) and smaller winged creatures that are holy to his realm.

Golar explains the boulder people are also from his homeplane. Golar has been scouting the area and described the ruined castle with a cloud vortex and strange large birds near the castle.

Golar and his steed, Thizebald, have been traveling this plane as a cartographer. Several months ago, he was attacked by bandits (redskinned [red, scaly skin] humanoids on hairy steeds [horses]). The redskins used firemagic and bows/arrows/spears and stole Golar’s possessions (A dark grey bag willed with exotic gems and rope).

Golar says that he would appreciate it if the party was able to retrieve his possessions. Dolan says that if they wish to find Golar, he can skywrite his name in the clouds, and Golar will meet them at these ruins. Golar will spend the next several weeks staying at the ruins, and then continue on. Golar taught the party three phrases in his tongue and the language of the boulder people:
- “we mean you no harm”
- “just passing through”
- “we don’t speak your language”

On the 25th day, the party travels and goes around a river to avoid it. Another encounter was made with the boulder people, but the party tried to communicate and made peace with them.

On the 26th day, the party reached the mountain with the ice cloud, the group traveled up the mountain, and Julien succumbed to the cold. After setting off a trap in front of the castle, the group entered the castle. Upon entering a frosted chamber, breathing was heard from around the corner. Therin raged and charged around the corner, only to face five 10-foot tall yeti-like creatures with wings.

January 26, 2016
Return of the Rock-Men and Natural Disasters

Game Calendar: 3-17 to 3-24

After recovering from the fight with the golems at the teleportation circle, the group heads out. The wastes are barren with little vegetation, just scattered trees and brown grass. When casting magical spells, there appears to be a chance that a strange effect occurs (potted plant, lightning, teleportation, aging, levitation…). Small earthquakes accompany the group as the party travels in the foothills. After camping for the night, two stone golems attack the party again.

Taken unaware and unprepared, the party scrambles to recover. Dolan is attacked immediately, changes into a bear, and is immediately knocked back to human form where he casts Moonbeam. Ophelia is caught without her armor, but is able to boost the abilities of her allies with a Bless spell and Lay on Hands to heal Dolan when his knocked unconscious. Theren rages and after an ineffective swing with his sword, Julien summons a magical great sword for him to use while Julien attacks from afar with Eldritch blasts. Sumira is able to scramble to high ground on a boulder where she rains down fire from her bow. The golems are eventually dispatched, easier than before, and the party levels up.

It is possible that the golems are the same ones as before – they have similar faces, but it is uncertain. Their magic seems to shift from boulder to boulder, potentially following the party without being detected. To avoid the golems, the group makes its way to the plains to attempt to travel more freely. However, a large earthquake occurs and a chasm opens directly underneath the party. Three of the horses fall into the chasm: Simmerone, Acorn, and Wildflame. They all die instantly on impact. Julien and Ophelia also fall into the 90 foot chasm, but are assisted in escaping by rope and Julien’s Fly spell.

January 4, 2016
Maps, Teleportation, and Mayhem

The party is forced to make a decision. There are multiple leads to chase down – more animal victims of the FTCs showing up in the East, rumors of a disease plaguing Lost Star, tracking down the remnants of the assassins guild, and investigating a map leading to ruins in the wasteland that are said to contain magical artifacts. The group decides to pursue the map to avoid risking others reaching the the ruins first and seizing powerful magics.

Dolan obtains a copy of the map from his contact. It shows a castle about 1.5 months journey from Danaus, much farther than the group had expected. Mage Warden Alexi offers the use of an ancient and unknown Protectorate teleportation circle that will instantly transport the group into the mountains approximately 2/3rds of the way there. However, the portal only works one way. The group stocks up on provisions and enters the circle, instantly tranporting to the ruins of a temple. They are immediately attacked by two stone golem creatures, who seem very resistant to damage from the party. After a drawn out battle, the golums are eventually downed, and fall to piles of stone on the ground.


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