Papyrus Arcana

The Trial

- Demon woman found [illegible]
- Sumira researched Mask people. Found it was a ult uprooted from Augustin (east, where Marcus is from). There is historical evidence of black cat cult
- the group went to Danaus and talked to their Leaf crazed lawyer.
- Sumira seduced Marcus.

12/2 (game time) – the day of the interrogation

The investigator Petric explained the proceedings. Sumira was interrogated first. The lawyer, Eldun Broskowski, was surprised how Petric did not care about interference in the investigation. Nex was Julien, who submitted to the magic truth telling chair. The court scribe only wrote ‘submitted’ and ‘obstruction’ under his interrogation notes, so it is assumed that he also avoided obstruction charges. Zabbo was next, said the investigation of him and oskar wasn’t need, and someone got off avoiding Tortuzod questions. Oskar was next, the court scribe only wrote ‘letter to sumira’ next to his investigation.

Nex came Elan. Who wanted to tell the truth, all of it, under spellbound magical Seer treatment. He took psychic damage, told about the graveyard incident, and had a vision of sunrise/set with a drago. A dragon with 6 facial horns, not sure what drago, sense that dragon represents evil, insight is it related to [illegible].

Overall the party though Petric let them off easy on the corruption charges, and seemed interested in things the party said against Marcus.

The group then went back home. Digested the 6 horned dragon vision from apheresie – perhaps in a [illegible].

Note that is was on 12/1 or 11/30 that the sapphire gem was retrieved from the high citadel (with the magic to get the crystal golem book).

Some of the group went to Julien’s house. Zabbo talked with Dessius. EB are only good conduit for meta magic, and EB weapons can damage EB. ~10EB to make a EB weapon (group has about 3-4 EBs – plus the ones that everyone is hiding).

Oscar receives message that his account is unfrozen – perhaps the dwarf kingdom is all against the protectorate now

Eldan → Marcus/Antiquo charges against

Zabbo spends time with worm, gets toys and rabbits.

Sumira summon Tortuzon, gets her knife and has to disfigure someone.

Group was summoned by Keff, there is a problem with EB in the dwarven kingdom related to Oskar’s family
Oskar spoke with the ambassador and has 24 hours to reconsider what he spoke to the ambassador about.

Sumira steals the earth blossom amulet

After kicking Dolan through the teleportation circle, the group tries to decide how to get the amulet. Sumira goes on the roof of the head giant’s hut, and smokes them out with poison. She then sees the head giant chieftan, and with a level 2 spell makes a successful suggestion for him to hand the amulet over. The group flies away and does word of recall back to the protectorate while a wall of force prevents the farieis from attacking.

Elan Wakes from a Dream
Not Dead Yet


Elan wakes from a realistic dream about the days events to come.

He confides in Zabbo and tries to convince him that he has seen a vision of the future. He predicts the actions of the party to convince him his vision is real.

Elan decides to tell the party of his dream and Zabbo uses an Arcane Eye to verify the invisible cave wall where the other FTC’s are hiding.

The group decides to bypass the FTC cave because of Elan’s warning. Instead they Fly to Dolan’s cell.

The Party Makes a Friend at the Planery
We're All Going to Hell


The party arrives at the Planery, appearing instantaneously in a teleportation room with an Iron Golem. In a rare moment of brilliance (coherence?), Zabbo, resplendent in his magic robe, is able to convince the Golem that he is a Lenoran wizard and tells him to stand down. Sumira uses her Platinum Ring to open the gate to what lies beyond. The party leaves the Golem behind and enters without incident.

They enter a long hallway that seems mystically darker than normal – even with Darkvision the party can only see about 30 feet ahead. Julien spots a large demon with wings and horns in the distance with his Devil’s Sight, so Sumira casts Dancing Lights to illuminate the hallway further for the party. The demon isn’t alone. He has two spiked fiends with him and he immediately sends one to retreat (most likely to get reinforcements).

What follows is a chase/fight scene where the demon leads the party further into the tunnels while hurling balls of fire at the group. The party does their best to keep up and Julien casts Fly on Zabbo and Elan to aid the chase. Zabbo tries a Wall of Force to keep the demon trapped. IT WORKS!….but Zabbo is immediately felled, breaking his concentration and ending the spell. He is revived and eventually resorts using another well placed Wall of Force to trap the group in close quarters with the demon. Elan casts Flamestrike and Guardian of Faith, Sumira ducks under the flying melee to land a sneak attack, and Oskar launches a barrage of attacks now that there’s nowhere to run. The demon and his spiked henchman both fall.

The party takes a moment to catch their breath and assess the situation. Should they retreat to the Golem room to rest and then continue forward? Will the Golem attack them if they enter? Should they just head home altogether and regroup, or push forward to scout ahead. As they’re discussing and the Wall of Force comes closer to disappearing, a shape emerges from in the distance and approaches……..TO BE CONTINUED

A handsome, well dressed demon approaches from down the hall with another henchman. Julien notices him first and alerts the party, but the creature reminds him of someone – A male version of Lillith. The stranger calls out to the group that he wishes to talk and that they should put down their arms. The party argues among themselves on what to do. A frantic Zabbo suggests retreating and heads back to the Golem room before the protective Wall of Force ends. The rest of the group is more open to engaging the demon. Julien, not wanting to give himself away, asks the demon if it can read his mind. When the demon responds that it can, Julien reveals he is an emissary of Lillith in hopes that the two know each other. Elan immediately notices something is amiss and reads the surface thoughts of Julien, catching part of the conversation.

to be continued:

Interlude: Back in Denaus
The party regroups

The group had just debriefed with Cronin and Keff, leaving the Manual of Crystal Golem and other books with the Protectorate. Cronin and Keff tell the group to continue their search of the other wasteland locations, but there is no need to rush. They give the group leeway to take their time and regroup in Denaus first.

The party heads home, spending the first night debating whether or not they should trust Cronin and the protectorate. Cronin seemed very eager to acquire more Earth Blossoms. Sumira is particularly suspicious. The group agrees they should keep their eyes open, but there is not enough information to take a side against the Protectorate. Also, it’s too dangerous to investigate the Protectorate without committing treason.

When Elan wakes up in the morning, he notices that Cronin’s cat is present in the home. Georgia confirms that someone stopped by saying that the cat belonged to the party. It is obvious that the group will have to be careful when discussing matters under the watchful eyes of Cronin. The cat follows Elan for the rest of the session.

Elan prepares a Greater Restoration spell for Julien’s undead affliction. Julien is still having dreams of the dead Lenorans, and Dahlia is terrified of his appearance. Thankfully, the spell works and Julien is able to calm Dahlia and reclaim his sword from Sumira.

Elan is tasked with casting Hallow on the house as an added level of protection. The spell takes 24 hours to cast and requires 1000 gold worth of incense and components. Julien and Sumira each contribute 500 gold for the spell. As part of the spell, celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead cannot enter the house or charm, possess, or frighten those within. Additionally, any creatures other than the party can’t move or travel into/out of the house by using teleportation, extradimensional, or interplanar means. Elan is able to finish the spell and rests afterword.

Julien heads out for the day to sell some of the loot they acquired from the Dead City. He heads to the Steward of the Prince, who purchased relics from them in the past. Julien is very persuasive in hyping up the loot to the Steward, who pays 800 gold to the party for 2 gold vestments, a white robe, and two purses with gold and silver pieces. Julien and Sumira each keep a couple coins.

Sumira heads to her guild for news since she’s been away. She meets with Cassandra (?). Sumira becomes very annoyed when Cassandra presses her for information about the loot that was discovered in the wastes. Apparently the Steward of the Prince had spread the news of the possible treasure troves in the wastes. Sumira snaps at Cassandra, wondering if she should stop contributing so much gold to the guild. Cassandra relents and they discuss some jobs in town. (Please add more Viona!)

Oskar goes off for the day to work in the forge with his friend. Afterword he decides to go on a bender. He gambles his money at the orc fighting pits, losing a considerable amount before jumping in the ring himself to come out ahead.

Zabbo researches the fiction book that was based on the old Lenoran text. The book was written 70 years ago and was published in (whatever city it is that Zabbo wants to visit so badly).

While the party was gone, Georgia explains that she found a smoldering fire in the home one night. There was no indication of what could have caused the fire. It is possible that Dahlia is exhibiting magical powers. Elan offers to have his mother meet with Dahlia to give her opinion on what could be going on. She is an ex-Seer and works with children. She agrees to meet with Dahlia when asked by Elan and explains that it is possible for children to exhibit magical powers – However, Dahlia is really young for this, and the Protectorate might want to siphon her magical powers away if it becomes a problem.

Julien spends a day hiring a groundskeeper for his new estate east of Denaus. He hires Sergy for 3 gold per month and takes him out to the property to get him settled with the understanding that Georgia and Dahlia may be moving there soon. Julien also informs the Dudyiks next door that he is their new neighbor and they seem excited to be rid of the Melneks.

Oskar heads out again for the day but is able to resist the temptation of alcohol. Instead he heads to the Keepers and begins the process of joining their ranks. His first task is to memorize the daily holidays.

Elan notices when he gets home that the same bird that delivers messages from Barkskin is waiting. However, instead of talking, the bird falls over and dies. This ominous message worries the party. Julien casts Dream that night to Dolan to assess the situation. Dolan is antagonistic and claims that the two sides are now enemies. Julien tries to dissipate the animosity and avoid future conflicts, but Dolan claims “we know more than you think we do”. Is it possible they know about the Manual of Crystal Golem and the party’s recent travels? Julien plays dumb and pretends nothing has changed, but a frustrated Dolan tries to kill himself in the dream to wake up. He fails and Julien dispells the Dream spell after this pitiful display.

At Elan’s urging, the groups decides to meet with with Markus after many days without checking in. At first, Markus seems grateful and impressed with the group’s recent triumphs. However, as time goes on his disdain for the group shows through, probably because of the favoritism they receive from Cronin and Keff. Even so, the group warns Markus of possible retaliation from Barkskin and tell him about the recent encounter with the bird and Dolan. Markus has little to offer the party, except for a new Protectorate mandate to seek out possible demonic influences in Denaus. Markus believes there are domonic forces mingling with the high society of the city. The party seems excited to investigate this except for Juilen, who finally confides in Sumira about his secret.

The Wraith of Master Canu

The group first went around searching the emperor’s palace and the great hall, or something. In the house, Elan found dragon scale. Then the group went down some stairs into the Crypt of Aurelis. It was here that ghosts attacked the group, eventually killed by the party and some were turned by Elan. Some were turned by Elan before in a previous attack – forgot to mention.

Anyway, the crypt had become broken rubble and the group found a gold ring in the crypt. The gold ring opened doors in the dorm houses, the special corner rooms. It was to a demiplane in a different part of the world. It shoudl also be mentioned that when Julien sucked the life force out of the ghosts he got white hair and resistance to necro, so he couldn’t stay attuned to the radiant sword. He gives the sword to Sumira, who laments that it does nothing but +2.

Julien, with his necro resistance, opens the gold door in the necro-ish room. As he does so a Wraith (the wraith of Canu/Kanu) rushes towards him. It attacks Julien, who then uses eldrich blast to push it back in and close the door.

The group, suprised to still be alive and that Julien is not in a dragon’s belly yet, goes back to Danaus to regroup. Zabbo learns that Duncan’s wife ends up being ok. He researches wraiths while Julien hides his wraith-like face from dahlia. The group then heads back to take on the wraith.

Zabbo is given a necro aura by Sumira and tries to dispel the magic. He tries once with a scroll and fails, then tries again and succeeds. However, he is distracted by Julien going on and on about how the group should have gone through the other door, and is then surprised attacked by a wraith that opened the gold door. This comes as a special surprise to zabbo because really julien, if the gold doors all went to the same place and the wraith could open them it would have escaped the demiplane long ago. While zabbo didn’t realize it at the time, this exact thought pulses through his brain at the exact moment the wraith sinks its cold, lifeless claws into zabbos frail body – giving zabbo that rare but delightful feeling of simultaneous pain and pleasure.

Zabbo cries out and the group comes to his aid. Sumira charges right into battle with two effective blows from the radiant magical sword. Then Julien goes in and eldrich blasts the wraith back. Elan then charges in and casts something, probably radiant in nature. The wraith tries to book it, flying past oskar, who hits it again. Then Zabbo runs out and tries to contain it in a wall of force (there was a resilient sphere in there too at some point). Oskar and sumira are contained in the force for a cage match of epic proportions, but the wraith cancels the pay per scry event and tries to fly away, finally being felled by oskar, sumira, or elan.

After felling the beast, sumira takes the platinum ring and the group tries to destroy the ashes. The group then heads back to the platinum door. They get past the golem win an extra trap and so on… and into the PLATINUM DOOR.

The platinum door leads to another demi-plane, this time seemingly untouched by the necro magic. There is a studio building with some stuff inside. The group finds a magic white robe, various books/scrolls TBD, and a MANUAL OF THE CRYSTAL GOLEM.

Supposedly the cat was around for all of this but we seem to have forgotten about poor Whiskers.

Exploring the Magory of Lychia

The group continued exploring the magary of lychia in the “past” and “present”. In the PRESENT, the group found some magic good and some rooms with some weird necro stuff going on. People had to be convinced not to stuff the bag of holding with more bodies.

The group then went under the library and waited until the time switch to the PAST, and waited to see if they could find access to the rooms. Eventually Zlobin and ??? walked past, both with PLATINUM rings. The group followed them invisibly, Oskar doing some crazy acrobatics stuff. Zlobin retried the EARTHBLOSSOM STAFF from a room guarded by an iron golem Gor. Zabbo acrane eye followed him, finding out that he teleported with the staff to the Mage Forge.

The group tried to gain access to the room where they retrieved the staff. Oskar disarmed the golem and others attacked it and then zabbo enclosed it in a otisuke’s resilient sphere, allowing enough time for everyone to push open the door to the next area. Of course, waiting for the group was a PLATINUM door, which the group couldn’t get past without the ring.

So the group prepares to teleport back and then go visit the mage forge.

Aurelipol and the Magory of Lykia

Last session, the group floundered around trying to find the info in the Acropolipolis, with no success. This post is to BRAINSTORM what to do next:

What we know:


  • if you stay until nightfall you WON’T die
  • black dragon is likely afoot / awing
  • commune spell said info in library can help, and west part of it can lead to that info
    • more precisely I think Aperisi said western doors/passages lead there, not necessarily that it’s in the western part of the library
  • under library, the far staircase leads to a trap area like the teleportation circle
    • but all the secret passages seem to go nowhere (transmutation spell)
    • one secret staircase goes up and doesn’t seem to have transmutation spell
  • under library, another big spiral staircase goes down, to two(three?) transmutation never ended stairs
    • also 10 circles of white tiles that turn into fire, plus room of white tiles also fire
    • white circles can be set off with sumira’s magic aura thing
  • under library, one set of square hallways behind a secret door transports wanderers into a demiplane
  • magic ring can open doors made of special metal
  • all information is probably rotten/unreadable – will need to go back to PAST to read it
  • dragon also probably has some sweet loot
  • but the dragon didn’t get past the magic doors


  • if you stay until sunrise you WILL die
  • it is the day before the cataclysm
  • lots of guards/mages around
    • two guards dead. Killed by elves
  • but we did get past them one time
  • magic ring/rune can probably open doors to library
  • mages wear cloaks that signal how cool they are
  • xenophobes everywhere
  • necro magic everywhere (necro/ghost city?)
    • similar thing happened in a house somewhere in present


  • Acropolis has walls that have a magic force aura


  • There has to be something up with the never ending stairwell with no magic aura
  • Go down the other stairwell in the library first floor.
  • go to library or other place in PRESENT and stay until the switch to the PAST and continue
  • teleport in during the PAST and use the magic ring to get where we need to go
    • could also be in PAST and tail a mage to see how to get past the traps, then go back to PRESENT and repeat
  • does dragon lair have key/ring we need to access the information?
    • dragon lair could be its old dragonarium (did we ask commune spell where the dragon was located in the day or night time?)
    • how the dragon which is alive in both times (allegedly) interacts with cataclysm / necro city is interesting in itself — could we bargain with the dragon by offering to teleportation circle it to a different location — freeing it from the shadow anomaly? ( assuming you can’t travel through shadow anomaly on your own)
  • try to find more dead bodies behind magic doors, hopefully some will have more rings
    • do we need only people with rings to be present to get past some traps?
  • could try blackmailing harpist mage about his secret underground love nest

Shitty Ideas

  • brute force dispel magic on everything
  • keep searching around everywhere looking for secret doors, every session, all session. Please no!!!!
  • see how far up that staircase really goes

Very Important Miscellaneous Information Not to Ignore

  • Greggin foretold Julien’s death BY A DRAGON in the dungeon
January 23
Necrorolipolipoli, take 2

Having escaped through the teleportation circle, the party recovers and regroups. They search the library for information that can help them and begin planning a return trip to the dead city.

Part of the preparation is asking more questions to the deity with the commune spell:
[insert questions here]

The party re-enters the teleportation circle, trying to reach Ariopoli earlier in the day this time. However, what they find is exactly what they weren’t expecting. Again. Now the acropolis is in ruins, as if it is the present day. There are no zombie guards or signs of any life and everything is in ruins. There is a sulfur smell permeating the world that may or may not be caused by a green or black dragon. There are some decayed corpses and their riches have already been stripped (as if some treasure hoarding dragon came along and stole it).

The group finds a secret door in one of the dormitories where two unpicked bodies were hiding. One still has his magic ring. The group takes the ring, Sumira attunes with it and successfully uses it to open the door to the library. The group travels into the library and down some stairs. Faced with a crossroads in a corridor below the library, they travel on the straight path, on their way towards more dungeons and dragons…

January 16
The group visits Necrorolopoli

This week, on BERRYQUEST


Having prepared themselves, the group heads through the teleportation circle to visit Ariopoli. Immediately after entering the teleportation circle, something is amiss. Instead of seeing a deserted city, they are greeted by four guards of the Loran Empire. The guards appear to think the group is a band of invading elves, because a separate invading force had arrived minutes before the group teleported in. This alarms the guards, who are already standing over two bodies of their slain comrades.

Zabbo tries to comfort the Loran guards from there elf-phobia by walking towards them and pointing out that his ears are round. This doesn’t seem to work, and eventually everyone starts fighting. Actually, people talk a bit first about how it is 300 years in the past, then everyone starts fighting. The guards lance out with their spears/pikes/whatever, but aren’t super effective, and are quickly-ish dispatched by the group. Elan also revives Zabbo who was killed for a bit.

A hidden door is discovered, as well as some traps. The group also detects a permeating Necromancy type of magic, as well as some evocation magic from a magical trap and a blue eye. The magic trap is later found to be a fire trap that flushes the whole room with flames.

The group proceeds through some gates and locks and such, checking the guard quarters to discover that everything seems pristine. It seems as if the group traveled back in time to right before the cataclysm (the calendar date is right before). The group is unsure if they traveled back in time or if they are in some sort of necro-city.

BTW, because it is a possible zombie situation Julien cuts all the heads off the guards and piles them on the opposite side of the teleportation circle as the bodies. This (hopefully) isn’t seen by the magical cat construct that Keff sent with the group to keep any eye on everybody.

The group proceeds up the stairs from the circle and finds themselves in Arolipoli, a bustling potentially necrotic city on the verge of complete annihilation. Sumira disguises herself as a relative of Zlobin and the rest of the party as her entourage. The entourage convinces the guard to let them all have a look around.

The entourage tries to look around but is overall pretty ineffective, except at killing a harpist mage, but even so that took a bit of time, because Oskar wasn’t helping. Also there are magic doors that must be opened with magic rings. When the group tries to use the harpist’s ring on a door, it doesn’t work. It is possible that each ring requires attunement to work. Eventually the guards get suspicious of the group, probably because of the pile of heads that Julien left in the teleportation room. Sumira is separated and questioned, but then narrowly escapes with invisibility and a wall of fire cast by Julien.

After Sumira escapes, the group heads back through the teleportation circle, curious what the protectorate will say and as confused as ever.


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