Eastern Realms

Gate Lands

The Gate Lands are a collection of settled city-states now connecting the Eastern Realms to the Forbidden Waste, having previously connected the Eastern Realms to the Vyroll Expanse and the western empires. The city-states of the Gate Lands are less densely populated than the End Kingdoms to the east.


Danaus is a large metropolitan city-state at the focal point of the Gate Lands through which the Agustyn Road goes.


Kerpolis is a large city-state located in the Gate Lands, and is the terminating point of the Agustyn Road.

End Kingdoms

The End Kingdoms are named such because they rest on the eastern end of the continent and border the Endsea.


Aexakruburg is a large kingdom…


Cyra is a small kingdom..


Otomoumor is a large kingdom..


Thisea is a small kingdom…

High Citadel

The High Citadel is a citadel, city, and surrounding land inbetween the End Realms that serves as the headquarters of the Protectorate, and is completely under the jurisdiction of the Protectorate.

Other Realms

The Other Realms are the places in the Eastern Realms that are neither the Gate Lands nor the End Kingdoms.


Goghkuldor is a small Dwarven kingdom in the Knurl Mountains.


The Gnowood is a forest that is home to the Gnomefolk.


Gremore is an island inhabited by halflings and located south of the End Kingdoms.


Loststar is a city in the Wildlands populated by thousands of wayward elves who were in the Eastern Realms at the time of the Cataclysm, and thus permanently severed from their homeland.


Orkkus is home to barbaric ork clans north of the End Kingdoms.


The Wildlands are a natural expanse of the Great Wood that extend into the Eastern Realms. The Wildlands are sparsely settled by “civilized” cultures, and is mostly populated by a scattering of ancient druidic cults.

Eastern Realms

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