Explosive Devices

The attack on the funeral was interrupted by an explosion as powerful as a high-order magic spell. However, a mundance (potentially non-magical) device seems to have been the origin. The group has been tasked with determining the origin of the device and putting a stop to their production/distribution.

Grimwick has suggested the device comes from Kerpolis, and is a product of the Tinkersmiths. He has suggested the group check Kerpolis, or Danaus for those with ties to the southern city of the gnomes.


  • The device may have originated from Kerpols, where a similar explosion occured
  • Grimmin (Toymaker) or Razzibar (Farming Equipmentsmith), both based in Danaus, might have some information.
  • Torrick is a cartmaker in Kerpolis, and as a friend of Grimwick may be able to help the group search Kerpolis.

Explosive Devices

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