The Destiny

Less popular story from Hanns Reder, the writer of Mulligan’s Great Adventure about the Katt’m desert tribe. Their tribal sigil is a five-point star on black.

At the beginning of the story, strange angels heralded the arrival of the Divine One.

The Divine One began speaking with Elder Kra’llaw, and thus began the “Awakening” from savagery to enlightenment. The Divine One taught the Katt’m about their rightful place as dominators of all.

The Divine One began fighting his own subjects in the God’s Realm where he was buried under a mountain and disabled without a spine by thorn-eared demons.

The Divine One summoned the Katt’m tribe to resurrect him. The tribe splintered during this summoning — some remained in their homeworld, while others entered the God’s Realm.

The God’s Realm was only partly hospitable. The inhospitable part is hellish, with a searing white fireball in the sky, demon population, and very little solid land.

The Divine One promised to reunify the tribe and finish transforming the God’s Realm in exchange for recovering his spine or rebuilding it from “God Flesh” strewn about the land. He promised the Katt’m to have dominion over all. There is a long and boring part of the book here about specific instructions for rebuilding the God’s Spine by recovering God Flesh, and also hoarding it.

In fulfilling this destiny, the Katt’m challenge and defeat the six-headed dragon beyond the horizon where the sun sets. To accomplish this, a hero named Klaw’n leads an army through the dragon’s lands and eventually to the dragon’s lair, killing many, and enslaving/imprisoning as may as possible, including the dragon itself. The dragon’s lands are then converted to be hospitable to life, and the Katt’m take over the world as promised.

The Destiny

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