Papyrus Arcana

December 5

the group takes on Zabgonan

The group approaches the house where the cult is being all cult-like. Zabbo has an arcane eye on the cult basement room, and is carried towards the house by Julien, behind an invisible Sumira, a detecting-magicing Elan, and a grumpy Oskar. After Elan sees that the door has a magic spell on it, Elan casts silence on a window and Oskar breaks it open, and the group goes in through the window.

The party assembles at the top of the stairs, taking a moment to discuss the plan, which appears to be remaining at the top of the stairs and shouting for the demon and cultists to come up and surrender. With this plan in mind, Sumira casts comprehend languages to hear the cultist chant, Zabbo dispels magic on the door to stop the abjuration spell, Sumira unlocks the door, Oskar opens it and charges down the stairs, Elan charges down after him followed by Zabbo and preceded by an invisible Sumira, and Julien stands at the top of the stairs shouting for them to come up and surrender (as The Plan dictated).

Sumira runs invisible into the room. Oskar runs into the room upon which the protectorate member Philip turns invisible, but then he casts a light spell with his sword, and the divine light someone makes Philip the Protectorate Person visible again. Everyone is shouting for the cultists to stand down. Then, Zabbo, hobbles down the stairs and casts Evard’s Black Tenticles. Squirming tentacles come out of the floor, engulfing those on the closer half of the table. Four of the cultists are strangled, including the Lady Melnic of the house. Alexis Melnic tries in vain to save her from the grasp of the withering black tentacles.

The demon Zabgonan charges the group, unleashing a fearsome presence that momentarily frightens Zabbo. Oscar starts hacking away at the demon and submitting counter-blows into the demon’s rotting flesh. Julien casts Hex on the demon and attacks with his sword as well. Zabbo unleashes a flaming sphere that he sends to the demon, though it does not do much damage, so he also unleashes a magic missile. Philip starts casting spells on the group, so Zabbo dispels his Flamestrike. Sumira stabs him with a poisoned blade, inflicting massive damage, and Julien casts Blight on him, draining him of his life force and turning him into a raisin of a person. Though downed, somehow he survives with the faintest of heartbeats. Elan also casts Sacred Flame on the demon that deals radiant damage, and uses Guardian of Faith around his person which also damages the demon.

As these blows slowly bring the demon down, Oskar finally makes a couple final strikes, cleaving his mace into the demon’s neck, and bringing it to the ground. Oskar and Julien ensure the demon is dead.


tetrisd Millski

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