Papyrus Arcana

Exploring the Magory of Lychia

The group continued exploring the magary of lychia in the “past” and “present”. In the PRESENT, the group found some magic good and some rooms with some weird necro stuff going on. People had to be convinced not to stuff the bag of holding with more bodies.

The group then went under the library and waited until the time switch to the PAST, and waited to see if they could find access to the rooms. Eventually Zlobin and ??? walked past, both with PLATINUM rings. The group followed them invisibly, Oskar doing some crazy acrobatics stuff. Zlobin retried the EARTHBLOSSOM STAFF from a room guarded by an iron golem Gor. Zabbo acrane eye followed him, finding out that he teleported with the staff to the Mage Forge.

The group tried to gain access to the room where they retrieved the staff. Oskar disarmed the golem and others attacked it and then zabbo enclosed it in a otisuke’s resilient sphere, allowing enough time for everyone to push open the door to the next area. Of course, waiting for the group was a PLATINUM door, which the group couldn’t get past without the ring.

So the group prepares to teleport back and then go visit the mage forge.


tetrisd citronade

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