Papyrus Arcana

Interlude: Back in Denaus

The party regroups

The group had just debriefed with Cronin and Keff, leaving the Manual of Crystal Golem and other books with the Protectorate. Cronin and Keff tell the group to continue their search of the other wasteland locations, but there is no need to rush. They give the group leeway to take their time and regroup in Denaus first.

The party heads home, spending the first night debating whether or not they should trust Cronin and the protectorate. Cronin seemed very eager to acquire more Earth Blossoms. Sumira is particularly suspicious. The group agrees they should keep their eyes open, but there is not enough information to take a side against the Protectorate. Also, it’s too dangerous to investigate the Protectorate without committing treason.

When Elan wakes up in the morning, he notices that Cronin’s cat is present in the home. Georgia confirms that someone stopped by saying that the cat belonged to the party. It is obvious that the group will have to be careful when discussing matters under the watchful eyes of Cronin. The cat follows Elan for the rest of the session.

Elan prepares a Greater Restoration spell for Julien’s undead affliction. Julien is still having dreams of the dead Lenorans, and Dahlia is terrified of his appearance. Thankfully, the spell works and Julien is able to calm Dahlia and reclaim his sword from Sumira.

Elan is tasked with casting Hallow on the house as an added level of protection. The spell takes 24 hours to cast and requires 1000 gold worth of incense and components. Julien and Sumira each contribute 500 gold for the spell. As part of the spell, celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead cannot enter the house or charm, possess, or frighten those within. Additionally, any creatures other than the party can’t move or travel into/out of the house by using teleportation, extradimensional, or interplanar means. Elan is able to finish the spell and rests afterword.

Julien heads out for the day to sell some of the loot they acquired from the Dead City. He heads to the Steward of the Prince, who purchased relics from them in the past. Julien is very persuasive in hyping up the loot to the Steward, who pays 800 gold to the party for 2 gold vestments, a white robe, and two purses with gold and silver pieces. Julien and Sumira each keep a couple coins.

Sumira heads to her guild for news since she’s been away. She meets with Cassandra (?). Sumira becomes very annoyed when Cassandra presses her for information about the loot that was discovered in the wastes. Apparently the Steward of the Prince had spread the news of the possible treasure troves in the wastes. Sumira snaps at Cassandra, wondering if she should stop contributing so much gold to the guild. Cassandra relents and they discuss some jobs in town. (Please add more Viona!)

Oskar goes off for the day to work in the forge with his friend. Afterword he decides to go on a bender. He gambles his money at the orc fighting pits, losing a considerable amount before jumping in the ring himself to come out ahead.

Zabbo researches the fiction book that was based on the old Lenoran text. The book was written 70 years ago and was published in (whatever city it is that Zabbo wants to visit so badly).

While the party was gone, Georgia explains that she found a smoldering fire in the home one night. There was no indication of what could have caused the fire. It is possible that Dahlia is exhibiting magical powers. Elan offers to have his mother meet with Dahlia to give her opinion on what could be going on. She is an ex-Seer and works with children. She agrees to meet with Dahlia when asked by Elan and explains that it is possible for children to exhibit magical powers – However, Dahlia is really young for this, and the Protectorate might want to siphon her magical powers away if it becomes a problem.

Julien spends a day hiring a groundskeeper for his new estate east of Denaus. He hires Sergy for 3 gold per month and takes him out to the property to get him settled with the understanding that Georgia and Dahlia may be moving there soon. Julien also informs the Dudyiks next door that he is their new neighbor and they seem excited to be rid of the Melneks.

Oskar heads out again for the day but is able to resist the temptation of alcohol. Instead he heads to the Keepers and begins the process of joining their ranks. His first task is to memorize the daily holidays.

Elan notices when he gets home that the same bird that delivers messages from Barkskin is waiting. However, instead of talking, the bird falls over and dies. This ominous message worries the party. Julien casts Dream that night to Dolan to assess the situation. Dolan is antagonistic and claims that the two sides are now enemies. Julien tries to dissipate the animosity and avoid future conflicts, but Dolan claims “we know more than you think we do”. Is it possible they know about the Manual of Crystal Golem and the party’s recent travels? Julien plays dumb and pretends nothing has changed, but a frustrated Dolan tries to kill himself in the dream to wake up. He fails and Julien dispells the Dream spell after this pitiful display.

At Elan’s urging, the groups decides to meet with with Markus after many days without checking in. At first, Markus seems grateful and impressed with the group’s recent triumphs. However, as time goes on his disdain for the group shows through, probably because of the favoritism they receive from Cronin and Keff. Even so, the group warns Markus of possible retaliation from Barkskin and tell him about the recent encounter with the bird and Dolan. Markus has little to offer the party, except for a new Protectorate mandate to seek out possible demonic influences in Denaus. Markus believes there are domonic forces mingling with the high society of the city. The party seems excited to investigate this except for Juilen, who finally confides in Sumira about his secret.


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