Papyrus Arcana

The Party Makes a Friend at the Planery

We're All Going to Hell


The party arrives at the Planery, appearing instantaneously in a teleportation room with an Iron Golem. In a rare moment of brilliance (coherence?), Zabbo, resplendent in his magic robe, is able to convince the Golem that he is a Lenoran wizard and tells him to stand down. Sumira uses her Platinum Ring to open the gate to what lies beyond. The party leaves the Golem behind and enters without incident.

They enter a long hallway that seems mystically darker than normal – even with Darkvision the party can only see about 30 feet ahead. Julien spots a large demon with wings and horns in the distance with his Devil’s Sight, so Sumira casts Dancing Lights to illuminate the hallway further for the party. The demon isn’t alone. He has two spiked fiends with him and he immediately sends one to retreat (most likely to get reinforcements).

What follows is a chase/fight scene where the demon leads the party further into the tunnels while hurling balls of fire at the group. The party does their best to keep up and Julien casts Fly on Zabbo and Elan to aid the chase. Zabbo tries a Wall of Force to keep the demon trapped. IT WORKS!….but Zabbo is immediately felled, breaking his concentration and ending the spell. He is revived and eventually resorts using another well placed Wall of Force to trap the group in close quarters with the demon. Elan casts Flamestrike and Guardian of Faith, Sumira ducks under the flying melee to land a sneak attack, and Oskar launches a barrage of attacks now that there’s nowhere to run. The demon and his spiked henchman both fall.

The party takes a moment to catch their breath and assess the situation. Should they retreat to the Golem room to rest and then continue forward? Will the Golem attack them if they enter? Should they just head home altogether and regroup, or push forward to scout ahead. As they’re discussing and the Wall of Force comes closer to disappearing, a shape emerges from in the distance and approaches……..TO BE CONTINUED

A handsome, well dressed demon approaches from down the hall with another henchman. Julien notices him first and alerts the party, but the creature reminds him of someone – A male version of Lillith. The stranger calls out to the group that he wishes to talk and that they should put down their arms. The party argues among themselves on what to do. A frantic Zabbo suggests retreating and heads back to the Golem room before the protective Wall of Force ends. The rest of the group is more open to engaging the demon. Julien, not wanting to give himself away, asks the demon if it can read his mind. When the demon responds that it can, Julien reveals he is an emissary of Lillith in hopes that the two know each other. Elan immediately notices something is amiss and reads the surface thoughts of Julien, catching part of the conversation.

to be continued:


tetrisd Millski

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