Papyrus Arcana

The Trial

- Demon woman found [illegible]
- Sumira researched Mask people. Found it was a ult uprooted from Augustin (east, where Marcus is from). There is historical evidence of black cat cult
- the group went to Danaus and talked to their Leaf crazed lawyer.
- Sumira seduced Marcus.

12/2 (game time) – the day of the interrogation

The investigator Petric explained the proceedings. Sumira was interrogated first. The lawyer, Eldun Broskowski, was surprised how Petric did not care about interference in the investigation. Nex was Julien, who submitted to the magic truth telling chair. The court scribe only wrote ‘submitted’ and ‘obstruction’ under his interrogation notes, so it is assumed that he also avoided obstruction charges. Zabbo was next, said the investigation of him and oskar wasn’t need, and someone got off avoiding Tortuzod questions. Oskar was next, the court scribe only wrote ‘letter to sumira’ next to his investigation.

Nex came Elan. Who wanted to tell the truth, all of it, under spellbound magical Seer treatment. He took psychic damage, told about the graveyard incident, and had a vision of sunrise/set with a drago. A dragon with 6 facial horns, not sure what drago, sense that dragon represents evil, insight is it related to [illegible].

Overall the party though Petric let them off easy on the corruption charges, and seemed interested in things the party said against Marcus.

The group then went back home. Digested the 6 horned dragon vision from apheresie – perhaps in a [illegible].

Note that is was on 12/1 or 11/30 that the sapphire gem was retrieved from the high citadel (with the magic to get the crystal golem book).

Some of the group went to Julien’s house. Zabbo talked with Dessius. EB are only good conduit for meta magic, and EB weapons can damage EB. ~10EB to make a EB weapon (group has about 3-4 EBs – plus the ones that everyone is hiding).

Oscar receives message that his account is unfrozen – perhaps the dwarf kingdom is all against the protectorate now

Eldan → Marcus/Antiquo charges against

Zabbo spends time with worm, gets toys and rabbits.

Sumira summon Tortuzon, gets her knife and has to disfigure someone.

Group was summoned by Keff, there is a problem with EB in the dwarven kingdom related to Oskar’s family
Oskar spoke with the ambassador and has 24 hours to reconsider what he spoke to the ambassador about.


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