Papyrus Arcana

The Wraith of Master Canu

The group first went around searching the emperor’s palace and the great hall, or something. In the house, Elan found dragon scale. Then the group went down some stairs into the Crypt of Aurelis. It was here that ghosts attacked the group, eventually killed by the party and some were turned by Elan. Some were turned by Elan before in a previous attack – forgot to mention.

Anyway, the crypt had become broken rubble and the group found a gold ring in the crypt. The gold ring opened doors in the dorm houses, the special corner rooms. It was to a demiplane in a different part of the world. It shoudl also be mentioned that when Julien sucked the life force out of the ghosts he got white hair and resistance to necro, so he couldn’t stay attuned to the radiant sword. He gives the sword to Sumira, who laments that it does nothing but +2.

Julien, with his necro resistance, opens the gold door in the necro-ish room. As he does so a Wraith (the wraith of Canu/Kanu) rushes towards him. It attacks Julien, who then uses eldrich blast to push it back in and close the door.

The group, suprised to still be alive and that Julien is not in a dragon’s belly yet, goes back to Danaus to regroup. Zabbo learns that Duncan’s wife ends up being ok. He researches wraiths while Julien hides his wraith-like face from dahlia. The group then heads back to take on the wraith.

Zabbo is given a necro aura by Sumira and tries to dispel the magic. He tries once with a scroll and fails, then tries again and succeeds. However, he is distracted by Julien going on and on about how the group should have gone through the other door, and is then surprised attacked by a wraith that opened the gold door. This comes as a special surprise to zabbo because really julien, if the gold doors all went to the same place and the wraith could open them it would have escaped the demiplane long ago. While zabbo didn’t realize it at the time, this exact thought pulses through his brain at the exact moment the wraith sinks its cold, lifeless claws into zabbos frail body – giving zabbo that rare but delightful feeling of simultaneous pain and pleasure.

Zabbo cries out and the group comes to his aid. Sumira charges right into battle with two effective blows from the radiant magical sword. Then Julien goes in and eldrich blasts the wraith back. Elan then charges in and casts something, probably radiant in nature. The wraith tries to book it, flying past oskar, who hits it again. Then Zabbo runs out and tries to contain it in a wall of force (there was a resilient sphere in there too at some point). Oskar and sumira are contained in the force for a cage match of epic proportions, but the wraith cancels the pay per scry event and tries to fly away, finally being felled by oskar, sumira, or elan.

After felling the beast, sumira takes the platinum ring and the group tries to destroy the ashes. The group then heads back to the platinum door. They get past the golem win an extra trap and so on… and into the PLATINUM DOOR.

The platinum door leads to another demi-plane, this time seemingly untouched by the necro magic. There is a studio building with some stuff inside. The group finds a magic white robe, various books/scrolls TBD, and a MANUAL OF THE CRYSTAL GOLEM.

Supposedly the cat was around for all of this but we seem to have forgotten about poor Whiskers.


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