Papyrus Arcana

Aurelipol and the Magory of Lykia

Last session, the group floundered around trying to find the info in the Acropolipolis, with no success. This post is to BRAINSTORM what to do next:

What we know:


  • if you stay until nightfall you WON’T die
  • black dragon is likely afoot / awing
  • commune spell said info in library can help, and west part of it can lead to that info
    • more precisely I think Aperisi said western doors/passages lead there, not necessarily that it’s in the western part of the library
  • under library, the far staircase leads to a trap area like the teleportation circle
    • but all the secret passages seem to go nowhere (transmutation spell)
    • one secret staircase goes up and doesn’t seem to have transmutation spell
  • under library, another big spiral staircase goes down, to two(three?) transmutation never ended stairs
    • also 10 circles of white tiles that turn into fire, plus room of white tiles also fire
    • white circles can be set off with sumira’s magic aura thing
  • under library, one set of square hallways behind a secret door transports wanderers into a demiplane
  • magic ring can open doors made of special metal
  • all information is probably rotten/unreadable – will need to go back to PAST to read it
  • dragon also probably has some sweet loot
  • but the dragon didn’t get past the magic doors


  • if you stay until sunrise you WILL die
  • it is the day before the cataclysm
  • lots of guards/mages around
    • two guards dead. Killed by elves
  • but we did get past them one time
  • magic ring/rune can probably open doors to library
  • mages wear cloaks that signal how cool they are
  • xenophobes everywhere
  • necro magic everywhere (necro/ghost city?)
    • similar thing happened in a house somewhere in present


  • Acropolis has walls that have a magic force aura


  • There has to be something up with the never ending stairwell with no magic aura
  • Go down the other stairwell in the library first floor.
  • go to library or other place in PRESENT and stay until the switch to the PAST and continue
  • teleport in during the PAST and use the magic ring to get where we need to go
    • could also be in PAST and tail a mage to see how to get past the traps, then go back to PRESENT and repeat
  • does dragon lair have key/ring we need to access the information?
    • dragon lair could be its old dragonarium (did we ask commune spell where the dragon was located in the day or night time?)
    • how the dragon which is alive in both times (allegedly) interacts with cataclysm / necro city is interesting in itself — could we bargain with the dragon by offering to teleportation circle it to a different location — freeing it from the shadow anomaly? ( assuming you can’t travel through shadow anomaly on your own)
  • try to find more dead bodies behind magic doors, hopefully some will have more rings
    • do we need only people with rings to be present to get past some traps?
  • could try blackmailing harpist mage about his secret underground love nest

Shitty Ideas

  • brute force dispel magic on everything
  • keep searching around everywhere looking for secret doors, every session, all session. Please no!!!!
  • see how far up that staircase really goes

Very Important Miscellaneous Information Not to Ignore

  • Greggin foretold Julien’s death BY A DRAGON in the dungeon


tetrisd Millski

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