(Deceased) Carric Amakiir

Wood Elf Sorcerer - Wild Magic


The rest of the party discovered Carric, a shabby looking, middle-aged elf, in the Cold Fort out in the magical wastelands. He had been a prisoner there of the yeti people for weeks, and was the last member of his group of elves – who themselves had only months ago escaped from the clutches of the FTCs. Carric revealed these and other startling tales to the B-Team, before they decided that his knowledge would make him an asset to the group.

Before the Cataclysm, Carric was a young elf, in the magical military service of the western Elven domain. He had then been hired as a mercenary for the Loran Empire, and was quite close by to the origin point of the Cataclysm itself. How he survived, he can’t tell, but shudders at the very prospect of the memory. He remembers being underground, alone for a long time, and then surrounded by others, his Elven brethren. The FTCs had enslaved him, and his entire people.

(Deceased) Carric Amakiir

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