Sumira Stormwind

Half-elf Rogue - Grave Dominion


Deric Stormwind stumbled upon fatherhood overnight; a breeze stirred the officer from his sleep on an early winter morning and brought with it a babe, bundled up and placed carefully by his side. With a soft, rosy face in his likeness and a shock of black hair on fair skin, there was no question the child was his. It was only when the little one revealed her wide eyes of liquid gold that he had any idea whom he’d been reckless with some seasons ago. Tucked inside the swathing was a short letter from Anthea, identifying Sumira as theirs and bidding the new pair a cold farewell.

Being his only true family, Deric had no choice but to take Sumira along wherever orders had sent him. Deric shared his intense moral code with his daughter, but there was always a wildness in her that he couldn’t quite blame on his good, foul-mouthed men that reared her with him.

Naturally, Sumira enlisted once she reached adulthood. Upon returning home from her first assignment as a scout, her father passed on the only other item that Anthea left with him that morning: a leather-bound journal that he was asked not to open, but to pass onto their daughter when she came of age. Inside she found not comfort nor explanation for all the years lost between the three, but a frenzied collection of spells and an invitation to meet again instead.

On a particularly unfortunate evening years later, she and her squadron found themselves in an intense, close-quartered battle with flying, tentacled creatures in the Wastes. With everyone driven to absolute exhaustion, and not seeing an end to the blood lusting monsters, Sumira was desperate to end the fight in their favor. Using unfamiliar magic she’d only practiced in secret proved to be a fatal mistake. Sumira was able to escape from the bloodbath alone, but left with more than just the flesh wounds she’d endured.

As if summoned, a certain elf found a shell-shocked Sumira wandering about days later. Discovering that her half-elf daughter had an affinity for magic, Anthea became an enthusiastic teacher. After nearly three centuries of concealing her powers, however, Anthea grew mad from practicing it again. Sumira did her best to resist the arcane magic that her mother loved, for she could not forgive herself for what happened in the Wastes. Eventually, Anthea was consumed by her own magic in her madness.

After her time with Anthea, Sumira found herself back in Denaus, where she once served as a soldier. Hiding amongst the criminals and the poor in the city, she offers her services as a mercenary with the Grave Dominion. Both her father and her military unit believe her to be dead.

Sumira Stormwind

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