Papyrus Arcana

December Something

These are my notes after a few weeks off and having no idea what they say/mean:

After slaying the beast, Tronin says he speaks for the group. There are 4 moutah? , 10 prisoners.

We get:
- scroll of Protection from Friends (DC 15 Ch to overcome, invisible barrier 5 ft radi cylinder 5 minutes moves with you)
- potion (sweet) and hervby) – aug – superior healing (8d4_+8)
- Magic bead → marble – abj/evoc, bead of force, thwo 60 ft, explodes 10 ft radii, dc15 or 5d4 force fail and total w/in trapped 1 min

Hissing(?) attacks Julien. Zth order rev grav spell. Julien finds tracks and it paced around house. Cat like like giant paws. (Shadowcat Watch Alert!).

Book about the cult. Zabbo can’t find it, turns library upside down. Julien bribes for Malvic Manor (to have a house? I dunno, maybe he and dahlia are moving to the ’burbs).
Elan searches for shadowcat in books. Finds an account from fox religion about a battle with a shadowcat. Cat has 4,6,8 legs (any even number really), is powerful, sneaky, [illegible] , territorial.

Thats it?


tetrisd citronade

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