Papyrus Arcana

January 16

The group visits Necrorolopoli

This week, on BERRYQUEST


Having prepared themselves, the group heads through the teleportation circle to visit Ariopoli. Immediately after entering the teleportation circle, something is amiss. Instead of seeing a deserted city, they are greeted by four guards of the Loran Empire. The guards appear to think the group is a band of invading elves, because a separate invading force had arrived minutes before the group teleported in. This alarms the guards, who are already standing over two bodies of their slain comrades.

Zabbo tries to comfort the Loran guards from there elf-phobia by walking towards them and pointing out that his ears are round. This doesn’t seem to work, and eventually everyone starts fighting. Actually, people talk a bit first about how it is 300 years in the past, then everyone starts fighting. The guards lance out with their spears/pikes/whatever, but aren’t super effective, and are quickly-ish dispatched by the group. Elan also revives Zabbo who was killed for a bit.

A hidden door is discovered, as well as some traps. The group also detects a permeating Necromancy type of magic, as well as some evocation magic from a magical trap and a blue eye. The magic trap is later found to be a fire trap that flushes the whole room with flames.

The group proceeds through some gates and locks and such, checking the guard quarters to discover that everything seems pristine. It seems as if the group traveled back in time to right before the cataclysm (the calendar date is right before). The group is unsure if they traveled back in time or if they are in some sort of necro-city.

BTW, because it is a possible zombie situation Julien cuts all the heads off the guards and piles them on the opposite side of the teleportation circle as the bodies. This (hopefully) isn’t seen by the magical cat construct that Keff sent with the group to keep any eye on everybody.

The group proceeds up the stairs from the circle and finds themselves in Arolipoli, a bustling potentially necrotic city on the verge of complete annihilation. Sumira disguises herself as a relative of Zlobin and the rest of the party as her entourage. The entourage convinces the guard to let them all have a look around.

The entourage tries to look around but is overall pretty ineffective, except at killing a harpist mage, but even so that took a bit of time, because Oskar wasn’t helping. Also there are magic doors that must be opened with magic rings. When the group tries to use the harpist’s ring on a door, it doesn’t work. It is possible that each ring requires attunement to work. Eventually the guards get suspicious of the group, probably because of the pile of heads that Julien left in the teleportation room. Sumira is separated and questioned, but then narrowly escapes with invisibility and a wall of fire cast by Julien.

After Sumira escapes, the group heads back through the teleportation circle, curious what the protectorate will say and as confused as ever.


tetrisd Millski

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