Papyrus Arcana

January 9

Assassinations and Portals

- Julien has a dream. Sumira finds him in the barn. [insert dream here, if desired]
- Oskar learns of brother’s death in a battle in the dwarf lands

After turning the library upside down, Zabbo finds the book he hid earlier. It is a Loran book called Magus Asphelia. A group of people who were like DARPA of the loran. Previously we read about their [illegible]. The sites mentioned in the book are connected by teleportation circles. It mentions where the HQ is. It mentions four sites:

  • [Zlobin Castle] – where we found the books
  • [Planary of Adargadus] – the Grand Library, on the Aedus Peninsula, a hub for ex-planar travel
  • [Monastary of Stratanascia] – located in the deligie wood, where people went for reflection
  • [Magoforge of Blondus] – located in Blondus (perhpas in the purple mist)

The group attended the trial of skyrene, with Oskar coming in late and drunk. Oskar and Elan speak on her behalf, and Zabbo against here. Skyrene is sentenced to 1 year and loans a magic weapon to Oskar who is a bit disappointed it is a longsword and not a mace.

The group then meets with Marcus, who is told to use the planned check in for a truce proposal (return alexi, barksin surrender, in turn – cease fire and wild ppl survive). He give the group a scroll of terms.

Zabbo find shte blue egg was sold to soemone in gnometown.

Marcus flinched when the shadowcat is mentioned because he is one shady bastard.

There is the Cultist Trial of Philip, rest of cultists, and servants. Philip is sentenced to death (cut off heat and burn body in barrel of acid), rest of cultists are sentenced to life, but the turncoat is left off, and stabber is sentenced to death (beheading). Servants are dismissed on charges.

Messenger bird – dolan says to meet in mosswall at the mossy boot. After 2-4 days travel the group meets dolan, and is taken to the same place as before. Then to a magical facility.

Elan puts some lotions on his hands and tries to kill Alexi because of his secret mission, but barkskin has none of that and sends him and the rest of the group off after refusing their terms. Barkskin is quite interested int eh party’s knowledge of the staff location.

The group decides ‘fuck it, lets go full teleportation circle’ and convinces keff et al to let them go through the circle. They decide to visit the Magary of Lycia first.

Btw, oskar’s brother is maimed and julien starts a trust fund.

Keff/Cronin allow the group to ask for some assistance on the travel into the wastes. Cronin also puts the tome of teleportation circles in the vault, and keff says the boulder people are the ones responsible for oskar’s brothers demise.

The group has six questions to ask about [Aurelipol], the city that has the [Magary of Lychia]. After soem research in teh library, it turns out there is a zoo with a black dragon and potentially some iron golems.

Answers to questions:
“Will we find information in Aurelipol that will help us find the staff?” – Yes
“are there other creatures we can talk to, without the aid of commune with nature or a trident of fish command?” – Yes, but they tremble at the dawn’s light.
I forget the rest…

Iron Golems: immunite to lots of stuff (fire, poison, psychic).
Black Dragon: acid breath, amphibious, resist to magic, immunte to acid

We get some magic items: a cube of dispel gas and an amulet of proof non-detection


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