Earthblossoms and the Crystal Golum

Manual of Crystal Golem was found and given tot he Protectorate.
- contained instructions on how to build crystal golem and staff
- 120 earthblossems for staff, 1152 for golem
- strang emagic – draws on strange magical plane , a meta plane, used ito combine paradocial planes/properties together
- earth plane + air plane + shadow plane → sense?[illegible] plane

magic scrolls – earthgate, planeshift, demi-plane, darkness, feeble mind

Fastu’s wonderful journey wwas similar to mulligan’s great adventure
- guy wants to marrry girl, tries to find unicorn, but unicorn dies, then turns down
Mulligan’s book → hans redder
Fastu – Spirio sextio

Current stashes:
-10 – tortuzod jewel-
3 – amulet that destroys And
6 – bag of holding
1 – dessius
3 – oskar
4 – safe at house

Protectorate citadel danaus
Dwarves cache
Dragon cache
Mango forge?

Earthblossoms and the Crystal Golum

Papyrus Arcana tetrisd citronade